Kayaking Open Daily Putrajaya Putrajaya Lake Club Rm 15.90 for 2 pax, 1 Kayak Weekend activities

Weekend activities : Kayaking at Putrajaya Lake Club

Believe it or not, I’ve never done kayaking before but it has always been one of those activities I was interested in, curious too. After years of putting it on the back burner, this time on a whim my sister and I decided to attempt kayaking. It was Sunday after all, we had plenty of time on our hands … so, why not, right?

It took us about 35 minutes to reach Putrajaya from TTDI. We arrived at 8.50 am. To our surprise, the carpark was already full and we ended up having to park by the road side. People start their day early here, I suppose.

Kayaking starts from 8 am. Since we made no reservations, we were told that as walk ins, availability of kayak is on a first come, first served basis. They go by hourly slots and ours was a 9.15 am slot. About 5 minutes before our slot, all of us waiting around to register lined up and paid our fee. We opted for a 2 person in one kayak option as oppose to one person a kayak each at a cost of RM 15.90.


Before getting into the water, we were given a short briefing. It covered the basics like if you intend to turn right while kayaking, paddle your left side and vice versa as well as the area limits that one can venture into. Once that was done, we got into our kayak and the fun began. With or without experience, this was a fun outing. Leisure kayaking is a skill that was easy to pick up, competitive kayaking is a different think entirely.

I was a newbie. I’ve never held a paddle in my life but somehow, once you are on the water, it will all come naturally to you. In no time I started paddling around like a pro 😁

The best time in the morning is perhaps the 8.15 am and 9.15 am slot. By the time the 9.15 am slot ends it would be an hour later and by then, the morning sun is out and shining brightly. If you are like me and do not intend to get roasted, then best drop by earlier.

It was a fun outing, that is for sure. I most definitely enjoy kayaking and will certainly drop by again for another kayaking session.

Address: Putrajaya Lake Club, No. 2, Jalan P8, Presint 8, Putrajaya, KL.

Open daily from 8 am – 5.30 pm.

Signing off now, Ciao.


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