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Garden Dining Food Court @ LaLaport BBCC – Nam Heong Chicken Rice and Auntie Anna & Pak Cik Omar

I suppose by now, almost everyone in KL have heard of the opening of this Japanese Mall – LaLaport at Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC). LaLaport is a part of Mitsui and is the first of its kind in South East Asia.

The mall opened 7 days ago and is currently in its soft launch stage. Based on our visit today, only about 30% of the shops are up and running. However, from the looks of it, almost all the shoplots are already taken up by various brands and a number are currently in the moving in phase.

Parking: The basement carpark here cost RM 3 per hour. At the moment, parking payment is only by cash. Being so used to paying with Touch n Go as well as credit card, none of us had any cash on us … and guess what, there is NO ATM here. Yup, for real. The nearest atm is at Times Square. Can you believe that? So, we had no money to pay for parking and the logical thing to do was visit the Information Counter, which we did. When we told them our problem, we got to know that we were not the only ones with this issue. More than a few others have visited the counter throughout the day. Pity the two ladies manning the counter because they ended up having to fork out whatever cash they had in their purse to help us. Please do carry some cash with you.

In all honesty, at that point, we were more interested in what to eat, lol. At the moment, most of the food was focused on LG 1 and L4.

we decided on the foodcourt on L4, Garden Dining Food Court.

Few eateries were opened, the rest were in the midst of setting up. Do see the video below to see what other food will be available in the near future.

We decided on Chicken Rice at Nam Heong and Prawn Mee from Anna & Omar.

Nam Heong Chicken Rice

This is the popular chicken rice shop along Jalan Sultan in Petaling Street/Chinatown. Having been around for decades, this eatery is known for serving up some good chicken and char siew rice. Over the years, they have expanded and opened up several branches around town. This particular one at LaLaport is pork free and uses halal sourced meat?

Twin Roasted Rice, RM 15.90

I decided on a combo chicken. ‘Twin Roasted’ in this regard meant roasted chicken + BBQ chicken. The roasted chicken tasted good. Frankly, it tasted like the usual chicken rice to me. For some reason, I was of the opinion that the halal and non halal version will be miles apart in taste,lol … but nope, tasted good, similar. The BBQ chicken, it wasn’t really my thing. To me it tasted like the soy vegetarian chicken dish usually served at Chinese mix rice shops, the one whiter on the inside and red towards the outer layer? Yea, it tasted like that. Best stick to the roasted chicken because that was good. With the set, you’d also get taugeh and fishball soup.

Auntie Anna & Pak Cik Omar

Auntie Anna & Pak Cik Omar is run by the same people behind the popular kopitiam in Cheras, Auntie Lora, known for their Prawn Mee. So, naturally, that was what we ordered here too.

Penang Mee Udang, RM 11.80 + Nasi Lemak Bungkus,

Prawn Mee
Nasi Lemak

So, the Nasi Lemak was good. Some sambal are sweet and spicy, the other is usually just spicy.. the one here is the latter, which I liked. It was flavorful. The dish came with the usual kacang and egg.

The Prawn Mee was yummy. It came with lots of ingredients – noodles (mee & mee hoon), egg, fish cake, taugeh, kangkung. The broth was tasty but it did not have enough ‘kick’ for me. I solved this issue by requesting for some sambal, which came mixed with some prawn paste? Yea, added the whole thing into the prawn mee, gave it a good mix and slurped it all up. Yummmm, it was good πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Once we were done with lunch, we decided to hang out at the outdoor area, a rooftop garden of sorts. It provides a great view of the second tallest building in the world – Merdeka 118.

Beautiful it was πŸ™‚, we spent a good 30 minutes hanging out here and then, made our way back to to the carpark.

Halfway through, we stopped midway because we noticed people flocking into Nitori on L3. We decided to go ‘kepo’ and see what is that all about.

Nojima is an electronics store which sells tvs, laptops and a wide range of electronic products and Nitori is a home furniture and decor store.

Despite few outlets up and running for now, there was still plenty to see. So, if you guys want to ‘jalan-jalan’ and ‘lepak’ at a new spot, this could be it. You’d find interesting things here and there. To those of you who loves Don Don Donki, another outlet is opening here soon. Do keep LaLaport in mind if you have time to spare over the weekend, a new discovery is always fun, right?

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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