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Bottega Mediterranea @ Bukit Ceylon, KL

This was not an unplanned visit. The two of us initially intended to go to Feeka Coffee Roasters but it was full house. Rather than waiting around, we decided to take a walk to Bottega instead. I’ve been wanting to drop by for a while now but somehow haven’t been able to do so till now.

** Bottega is also located close to The Rabbit Hole, just a few doors away. So, if you guys end up there and its full house with a long waiting line, you can always take a short walk to this delicafe and dine here instead.

Bottega Mediterranea is an Italian delishop – part cafe, part grocer. One can find an array of imported wine, cheese, meat and etc here.

Sitting in this delishop while having a meal resembled a busy home to me. There is the entrance, the hall and the rest of the house branches into smaller rooms. It was cosy and warm. Definitely a change of scenary from the usual, generic cafe-like setting.

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Soup of the day, RM 10 + Bikini Barcelona, RM 26

Bikini Barcelona was basically a grilled cheese toastie with smoked ham.

Soup of the day was a lentil soup with bits of ham. Both of us enjoyed the soup, the flavors were delicious. Slighty thickened with evident taste of lentils. The ham provided a slightly salty chewyness to the soup overall. Yum.

Address:1A, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, KL.

Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 11am – 10 pm. Sunday Closed.


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