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Fine Coffee & Flowers @ Ampang – A cozy florist cafe (Pork free)

We ended up on this side of town after a work meet. My fellow friends who lived in the area regularly refered to this particular part of Ampang as Korean Town and Fine Coffee & Flowers as a Korean themed cafe.

I had no idea what they meant. I do not know what Korean theme was suppose to look like and neither have I ever heard of ‘Korean Town’. As they are often a bunch of jokesters, I paid no attention to them … until I saw a post online regarding the cafe. It looked nice, instagrammable. Since I was in the area, best drop by and pay a visit.

Oooookay. Upon reaching, I think I figured out the Korean town part. There was literally a whole row of Korean related shops here. A few doors away from the cafe was a Korean mini mart. I decided to check it out first as I saw people regularly dropping by.

If you guys live nearby and love Korean food and snacks, this mart has plenty of options. FYI.

After that short stop, we walked over to Fine Coffee & Flowers.

Fine Coffee & Flowers is a florist cafe with an instagrammable setting. Pretty and cozy it was. It had flowers at every corner, some greens too. The ambiance and feel of the cafe was rather whimsical. I liked it.

Customer service was good. They attended to us as soon as we sat. Food arrived rather quickly too.


Smoked Salmon Sandwich, RM 25 + Creamy Pasta, RM 23

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Creamy Pasta

I was told that the desserts here were scrumptious. However, as I’ve yet to have lunch at that point, I needed something a little more solid. A dish that caught my eye was the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. The smoked salmon was a plus but the use of brioche was the main appeal for me. I loveeee brioche and when made right, it simply is divine to bite into.

This was divine indeed. Once toasted, it was buttery and soft. Those sandwich buns with a layer of scrambled egg, smoked salmon, cheese and greens made up a yummy sandwich.

The Creamy Pasta was exactly as its name suggest. Fusilli pasta with 2 pieces of tender grilled chicken, soaked in a thickened cream and cheese combination. A simple yet filling dish.

Would I head back here? I would love to but perhaps not as often as I would like as location-wise, it’s a good 30 minutes from where I live. If you find yourself on this side of town and intend to cafe hop, Fine Coffee & Flowers would make an awesome addition to the list.

Address: C2-1, Jalan Ampang Utama, Ampang.

Opening hours: Open Everyday. 9 am – 6 pm.

FB Page: Fine Coffee and Flowers – Home | Facebook

Contact Num.: 03 – 2300 0793

Signing out now, Ciao.


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