Damansara Utama Grilled Chicken Sandwich Open Daily Pork Free Sandwich

Ground Coffee at Damansara Utama (Pork free)

I was in between meetings and was in need of a short break, preferably somewhere away from the usual. In the midst of weighing my options, I recalled Ground Coffee. Two weeks ago while I was having lunch at The Dough Factory – The Dough Factory at Bandar Sri Damansara – the Chili Crab Pasta… 😍😍 , I was told that together with Touche Pastries in Section 17 and Ground Coffee in Bandar Utama, they apparently were all managed by the same group of people. Since I’ve already visited two out of the three, why not drop by the one I did not. Location-wise was convenient for me as I was at TTDI, it was barely 10 minutes away.

Look-wise, I’d say the interior resembled The Dough Factory. Not quite as industrially themed but they share the same gray color scheme. More greens here though. There are certain things in all three eateries that can provide you an inkling that they are all managed by the same group of people. One, the square black tables. Be it Touche, The Dough Factory or Ground Coffee, you’d see the square black tables. Secondly, their pastries. Although the pastry selection here at Ground Coffee is the smallest compared to the other two, they all offer it. I’d usually go for the Chicken Rendang Puff and was hoping to have it here. Unfortunately, they did not have it. So, I ended up with a sandwich.

Customer service was the usual. As long as I got what I ordered in time, which was the case here, I see no problem in that aspect. The waitresses however, were a tad blur. Just to double check, I did ask them wether they were a part of the same group as Touche Pastries and I was told no, they were not. In truth, the answer is yes. A quick fact online can provide you that answer. It is a family run business. Secondly, when asked wether there was any plug point socket to charge my laptop, I had to repeat the question a few times and I was told no?? She sounded unsure. The waitress then went over to the counter to double check, headed back to me to inform me that they do and it was only available at the front of the shop. They were blur. Hmmm, perhaps they were having a bad day, ey?


Grill Chicken Perfection, RM 25

The grilled chicken was yummy. There was a good portion of tasty boneless meat on a thick slice of sourdough, served open sandwich style. Honestly, with a choice of with or without the bread, I would prefer without. It simply was a matter of preference. It tasted a whole lot better without. The flavorful taste of the grilled chicken with the cheese and special sauce combination was more evident. To me, it felt like the bread muted it down. So, I ended up eating both seperately. I enjoyed it better that way. It looked pretty simply but the sandwich as a whole was filling.

Would I be back here? Yea, why not. I liked the ambiance and how it looked. I also liked that while it was located in Damansara Utama, it was 5 minutes away from the busyness of Damansara Uptown. So, parking was not a hassle. There were plenty available by the road side. Food-wise, they offer quite the variety of dishes. I would not mind returning to give them a try. Considering that the cafe is conveniently located to me, I can see myself sitting in a corner, working away on my laptop while munching on some food.

Address: No. 27, Jalan SS 21/34, Damansara Utama, Petaling

Opening hours: Open Daily, 10 am – 10 pm.

FB page: https://m.facebook.com/groundcoffeekl/

Online order link: https://food.grab.com/my/en/restaurant/ground-damansara-utama-delivery/1-CZDJL4DEKGABSE

Signing out now, Ciao.

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