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Hobo Coffee Warehouse at Damansara Kim – The quiet I needed (pork free)

I do not know about you guys but every once in a while, I’d need a quiet setting to wind down and relax. A day trip out of town would be out of the question due to work and so, a quiet cafe will have to do. It is funny how you would come across quiet cafes regularly but when you actually need one, you’d literally have to break your head to figure it out. At that point in time, I was in Uptown Damansara and while there were many eateries there, none fit the bill. Eventually I got out of there and headed across into Damansara Kim. I initially thought I would end up at Piccoli Lotti but then, I came across Hobo Coffee Warehouse a few doors away.

Located on the first floor, it gave me the impression that I may find the quietness I seek here. Did I? I sure did. 😊

The cafe setup was an open concept. It simply was a large space. As they are pretty new, just over 3 months old, they are taking their time in occupying and decorating the space. On one corner, is the counter and one the other end, are the tables and chairs. In the middle, there are some decorations as well as plants. This sure was a well spaced out cafe. Gives one the illusion of privacy. I had the whole place to myself because besides my friend and I, there were no other customers here.

** Both cash and credit/debit card are accepted payment methods here. The cafe also has a good wifi connection.

** Depending on your time of visit, the blue entrance door downstair may be locked/closed. I ended up waiting downstairs for 10 minutes before the door opened again. There seem to be only one person working at the cafe and perhaps during that time, she was having lunch? Unfortunately, the phone number provided online does not work. So, you simply have to wait. I suppose because customers are not many, they take certain things for granted. For instance, usually a cafe would stick a note on the door if they are temporarily unavailable.. “Will be back in 15 mins” or something along those lines. Here, there was nothing. So, just wait.


Promo : Coffee + Sourdough Croissant, RM 15

As I had a rather filling lunch elsewhere, I could not give their sourdough bread, snacks and cake a try. That would be overdoing it. I however, have enough space for a croissant. It was a rather small one and since I’d be sharing it, I assumed it would go down with ease.

The croissant was delicious. Hobo Coffee Warehouse is all about sourdough … sourdough bread and sourdough pastries. What I tried was a sourdough croissant. Honestly, it was my first ever. I thought I should be expecting the distinct, lingering tangy taste of sourdough but surprisingly, it was not evident. If I were to close my eyes and eat this pastry, I would not be able to guess that it was sourdough.

Man, it was delicious. Buttery and fluffy, it had the right amount of flakyness and density. I was told that the difference between a normal dough and sourdough is that the latter consist of naturally fermented yeast. The texture is usually more chewy … which was the case here. It was gooooood. If I could change one thing, it would be the size of it, lol. Bigger 😊

Would I be back here? Yes, I would. I look forward to trying out their sourdough panini and ‘hantam’ more of those sourdough croissants. I especially like this cafe because it was quiet and somewhat hidden. You’d get the feel that not many people know of Hobo. A perfect setting to get work done. I can see myself coming back here.

Address: No. 37-1, First floor, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 7 pm.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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