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The Lemon Tree at Tropicana, PJ – New instagrammable cafe in town.

Opened doors just over a week ago, The Lemon Tree is taking social media by storm. The more I came across videos of it, the more curious I became. Since I had a few hours to spare this time, I decided to drop by to check them out.

I visited around 3 pm and had to line up under the hot sun for 30 minutes before allowed entry into the cafe. Some folks brought their own umbrella, please do that because you are bound to sweat. Those miniature fans that can be bought from Daiso will certainly come in handy here. No joke.

Parking? There is an open carpark right next to the building The Lemon Tree is located at. Customers of the cafe should park there. I however decided to try my luck and park in the building itself because it was bloody hot and I did so for free. Perhaps during weekends, one can park for free if they manage to find an empty spot not inside the bulding, but outside, surrounding it.

After the 30 minutes wait outside, heading in was a much awaited relief. The doors opens up to a large, brightly lit space. The addition of a lemon tree in the middle of it all gave it a rather ethereal feel.

Depending on your time of visit, be warned. If you are sitting by the glass panels/windows, you are going to get roasted. Literally hot, scorching sun shining on you throughout the entire duration of your visit. My sister and I were technically suppose to get a table in a shady corner. However, the couple before me decided to request for a switch of tables and so, they ended up with our table and we ended up with theirs which was directly in the suns’ path. Waiting for another table would take some time and I was honestly too tired and sweaty to do more waiting. So, we sat at that table, suffered direct sun flashing on us for the entire 45 minutes we were seated there. Ate all of them pastries with the sun blazing on us. It was utterly ridiculous. I hope these Lemon Tree guys figure this out. Perhaps put a shade on or tint the glass? Or maybe have a time limit on how long can customers occupy a table? There were several tables in the shade where the customers were already done with their meals but remained sitting and was chatting away. I dont knowlah but figure this out please.


Spicy Tuna Puff, RM 8 + French Butter Croissant, RM 8 + Tiramisu Cake, RM 15 + Chocolate Banana Loaf, RM 9

Spicy Tuna Puff
Tiramisu Cake
Chocolate Banana Loaf

Pastries were tasty. Spicy Tuna Puff came with lots of tuna filling and was pretty good. It however was not spicy. The Tiramisu Cake was goood. It tasted as a tiramisu cake should taste. I only wished that it was bigger in size. The croissant was buttery and fluffy. The Chocolate Banana Loaf was basically a moist banana cake/bread with chocolate chips scattered all over. Just like the Tiramisu Cake, I wished this was bigger in size too. It was delicious and having more of it would have been awesome.

Would I be back here? Nope, not untill they figure out the sun stituation. Having to sit 45 minutes with the sun shining on my face after waiting in line outside for 30 minutes under similar circumstances is not my cup of tea. It made enjoying the pastries and the ambiance a tad difficult. I am not looking forward to getting roasted again.

Address: Ground floor, Menara Lien Hoe, 8, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 6 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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