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Aboutyu at Happy Garden, KL – A cosy new cafe

I’d consider this cafe hidden. I’ve driven passed it several times over the past few months and failed to notice its existence. It was only after I came across a post online that I took note of its existence. A quiet, hidden cafe? Sign me up 😊

Aboutyu is a 3 month old cafe located on the first floor, within a row of shops located along Jalan Lazat 2, Happy Garden. If you like a cafe with pockets of greens here and there, then you’d like Aboutyu. It was also bright and airy. You’d have fresh air coming in from the opening on the wall …. and oh, lets not forget about the red bearded dragon pet they have. I’ve never seen one face to face and it sure was fascinating. Such beautiful and curious creatures.

Cute, ey? 😍

I spent a good 3 hours here. First for lunch and then to finish up some work on my laptop. It was a mixed atmosphere here. At times quiet and the rest, jovial and filled with chatter, laughter. Funnily enough, the noise was not a bother at all. Once you find your own corner, you are set. For now, they have no wifi. It was not an issue for me as I was working on some Excel spreadsheets that needed no internet.

The lady boss was friendly, easy to chat with. Prior to this, they operated a cafe elsewhere that sadly had to cease operations due to the complications caused by Covid 19. Not one to give up, they opened Aboutyu 3 months ago and so far, by the looks of it, they are doing pretty good. The neighborhood seem to like them.


They have limited menu at the moment but soon, they intend to add on more items.

Their menu was viewed through a mini Ipad which was not as convenient as I thought it would be to snap a photo. So, all images are taken from Aboutyu’s FB page.

Grilled Chicken Wings
Salmon Steak
Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato
Homemade Bagel Sandwich
Nasi Lemak with Grilled Chicken

Nasi Lemak with Grilled Chicken, RM 16.90

One thing to note here is that both the dishes we ordered here were served in a large portion size. Usually, when we visit on an empty stomach, large serving size would not be an issue because we are hungry but here, despite the hunger, we could not finish everything. A rarity it was. The Grilled Chicken was yummy. Tender meat with crispy skin. The sambal was unique. It certainly was not the usual onion sambal. Unusual. Sweet with slight tangyness to it. I liked it, it was delicious, especially so when eaten with the grilled chicken and basmathi rice. Yum!!

Pasta, RM 16.90

I cant seem to recall the name of this dish. Once again, large portion size. The pasta used here were the thinner version – angel hair, perhaps? It came served with lots of minced porked meat. The whole dish had a lemon zesty taste to it which made it all the more interesting. It was a tasty dish.

Genmacha Cake

Despite being full, I was craving for dessert. The cake of the day was this 3 layer Genmacha cake. The bottom part resembled a cake, solid in texture. The mid part was thick, creamy and the top part was light, airy and had the most matcha in it. If you are a matcha lover, you’ll like this cake.

Overall, I had a pretty good time here. I wouldn’t mind heading back for more, in the future.

Address: 52a, Jalan Lazat 2, Happy Garden, KL. (First Floor)

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sun. 11 am – 10 pm. Tuesdays Closed

FB page: https://m.facebook.com/aboutyucafe/

Contact Num.: 016-666 0199

Signing out now, Ciao.


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