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Restoran Hung Kee at Pudu – Wan tan mee & Siu yuk

Unbeknown to me, Hung Kee is apparently a popular wan tan mee restaurant and has been around for decades. It was only when one of my friends mentioned it recently, that I took note of it. I was told that they serve good wan tan mee here.

It seems like the restaurant is wrongly tagged on Waze. The restaurant is directly across the road from where it is tagged. On the opposite side, same row as the police station.

Non airconditioned area
Air conditioned area

It was full house, crowded. Hung Kee certainly has its own fan base as most of the customers seemed like repeat customers. There clearly was a sense of familiarity among them. Me being a newbie, didnt feel left out as the waitresses here were nice and friendly.

Hung Kee occupies 2 shoplot , one is air conditioned and the other non airconditioned.


Wan Tan Mee + dumpling soup + siew yuk + steamed chicken

I had the wan tan mee which to me, tasted a tad bland. Was it suppose to taste that way? I think the version here is of the healthier kind. Not as salty with little to no MSG. Despite mixing the noodles vigorously in the ketchup that accompanied the dish, it was still underflavored. If this is how it was suppose to taste, then I guess I’ve mostly been eating noodles laden with artificial flavors. Despite its taste, the restaurant was filled with customers who all seemed to fancy this noodle. They must be doing something right huh. Besides the noodles, everything else tasted good.

This is one of the few restaurants I’ve come across that serves 5 dumpling with soup as oppose to the usual 3 pieces. It tasted good. Me like the dumplings. It was not the small kind either. Nope. It was generous in number and size.

The Siew Yuk and Steamed Chicken were tasty. I especially was a fan of the siew yuk. It had a crispy outer layer and a thick, tasty, chewy bottom meat layer. It definitely was good enough to eat on it own. The steamed chicken was awesome too. I only wished I ordered the breast part of the chicken because this chicken were boney. Other than that, it was all good.

Would I head back here? Ummm, most probably not. The wan tan mee was a little too bland for my taste. While the siu yuk and steamed chicken were good, driving all the way to Pudu for it is not convenient for me. Furthermore, there are restaurants located closer to me that serves equally as good food.

Address: 28-5, Jalan Loke Yew, Pudu, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday, 7 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 03-9221 7251

Signing out now, Ciao.


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