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Sugirl Desserts at Kampung Sg. Kayu Ara, PJ – Ooo yum 😍 (Halal ingredients)

The bunch of us were in the mood for some soupy dessert today and so, we decided to pay Sugirl a visit. Compared to the rest, this was not my first ever visit. I’ve been here before months ago. It looked way different back then, had limited number of seatings. I could not see myself being seated there for a long period of time because it wasn’t that comfortable. There was no front door, it was an open entrance, you simply just walk in. There was the payment counter, one round table and another long high table against the wall. That was it and it sure was hot and heaty. The hot air from outside was pretty much the only air you’d get to keep you cool. It wasn’t ideal. I guess they were simply testing out the market? They did initially start of as a successful online business before attempting the physical aspect of it.

Now, it looks completely different. There is a front door, good ventilation, comfortable tables and chairs, good wifi. I spent 2 hours 30 minutes at Sugirl. Some time to indulge in my dessert and the rest to continue working on my laptop.

Sugirl is located in Glomac Centro, within a row of shops. Located a few doors away is the popular Old Hands Cafeteria, known for their Japanese pastries. Parking was easy. There are plenty located just outside the eatery at a cost of RM 1 for 2 hours.


Durian Galaxy, RM 19.90

Oooo yum. I skipped lunch today just to have this dish. To truly be able to enjoy it, Durian Galaxy is best eaten on empty stomach because it will fill you up. It is heavy, wholesome and filling. Durian Galaxy to me is like a pengat durian fusion. You’d have a serving of D24 puree, blue pea pulut, 9 taro balls and gula melaka. You mix it all together and you’d get one yummy bowl of desserts. If you are a fan of durian, Durian Galaxy is worth a try.

Bentong Ginger with Balls, RM 9.90

As the image depicts, you’d get a serving of bentong ginger soup with 4 glutinous balls with red bean, peanut and black sesame filling. It was a refreshing dessert. The ginger soup was ‘kaw’, strong and potent with just the right amount of sweetness.

Overall, it was a good visit. The desserts were good. Would I head back here? Yeah. I would.

Address: No. 1-15, Glomac Centro, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 10 pm.


Contact num.: 016 – 347 6964

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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