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Aki’s Kohi at Cheras – a cosy, hidden cafe

I decided to spend the day alone yesterday, some ME time with myself. Considering it was a public holiday, I stayed away from the usual, popular cafes around town and instead opted for an eatery that is somewhat under the radar.

The cafe is located on the Ground floor of D’alamanda. Waze will lead you there. As you drive around the block, you’d be able to see it. When I first arrived, I thought this was my first time on this particular side of Cheras but as I later realized, I have been here before … to ‘hantam’ char siew. The popular char siew restaurant, Char Siew Yoong is located within walking distance, less than 5 minutes away. I initially thought of changing plans and heading here instead but it was full house with a long waiting line. So, nope, Aki’s Kohi it was.

Parking was easy. You can either park in the basement carpark available at a rate of RM 2 for 3 hours or outside, along the road. People seem to park everywhere here, lol. So, it is up to u.

The cafe is small and cosy. Not too big a space to accomodate a large crowd but smaller crowd and individuals, sure. Both indoor and out door seatings are available. I liked the hidden element to it. Even as you drive past it, despite being located on the Ground floor


Matcha Sesame Loaf, RM 11 + Tuna Sandwich, RM 16

I started off with the loaf. I was intrigued with the combination, was curious to see how it turned out. Both matcha and sesame have strong flavors that tend to overpower but surprisingly, it worked well here. I liked the fact that before serving, they heated it up. It certainly was best eaten warm. The loaf itself was dense, not too sweet, with hints of matcha and sesame.

The sandwich was refreshingly simple. It was made up of toasted bread,lettuce, tomato and tuna. It tasted good and was a filling dish especially when had with the loaf.

Address: Lot 2-00-07, Ground floor, D’alamanda Pudi Impian IV, Jalan Pudu Impian, Cheras, KL.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs-Sun, 9.30 am – 5.30 pm. Wednesdays closed.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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