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Kedai Coklat at SS 2, PJ – Chocolate lovers… rejoice! (Muslim friendly)

Ever since its opening a month ago, this cafe is fast becoming a crowd favorite. As its name suggest, you’d be able to find everything chocolate related here. From chocolate desserts to chocolate drinks as well as chocolate bars from several homegrown chocolate makers, cocoa beans, cocoa powder … all locally sourced. Considering I was stuck in bed the past week (doctor’s orders) and today would be my first day out of it, naturally the first thing I did was head to a dessert cafe. Why?? because it has been too long since I’ve sunk my teeth into some decadent chocolate.

I was initially apprehensive to visit this cafe because of its location – SS 2. The area is notorious for its difficulty in acquiring a parking spot. If you share the same worry as I did, worry not as this cafe is located away from the busy area. Tucked within a row of shops, surrounded by houses, in a relatively quiet neighborhood, parking here was easy. (Kedai Coklat is located about 5-7 minutes away from The Hub SS2)

*** Only CASH and QR pay is accepted here

If you decide to visit during the weekends, be prepared to wait. I dropped by around 2 pm and it was fully occupied … 10 minutes later, no one has moved and it was still fully occupied. So, I opted to takeaway my dessert because in all honesty, I do not think I’d have better luck even if I waited another 15 minutes. Even the guy behind the counter agreed with my sentiments. The folks working here were nice though. Despite being busy, they do make their way along the waiting line to inform us of their offerings as well as the potentially long waiting time to be seated.


Milk Chocolate Tart, RM 12

What I was most excited about prior to my visit here was the Pandan Gula Melaka Lamington. Why? It was literally the only dessert I ate while I lived in Australia. At least twice a week, I’ll get myself a chocolate lamington for lunch. I loved it and was hoping for some nostalgic reunion with my long lost love but sadly, by the time I arrived, it was all gone. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

As I only had cash amounted to RM 12 with me, my options were rather limited and after some thought, I decided to go with the Milk Chocolate Tart.

This was a delectable dessert. It was well suited for a chocolate lover like me because this tart was all about chocolate and nothing else.

Minus the tart shells, it was chocolate the whole way through, from top to bottom. As this was milk chocolate, the bitterness of the cocoa was toned down but still evident. I liked that the tart was not sweet, which meant that the chocolate was truly the star here. I also liked the fact that the tart shell was thin and crisp, it was not thick and packed with flour .. which again meant that all the focus was on the chocolate filling. The milk chocolate was dense, moist and filled with chocolate. You’d be able to tell that good quality chocolate was used here. Biting into it was a joy.

Would I head back here? Yes, I still have my eyes set on those lamingtons. Perhaps the next time, I’ll choose a weekday to visit, in hopes that it would not be fully crowded as it was during the weekend.

Address: 16, Jalan SS 2/103, SS 2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 am – 7 pm. Monday Closed

Contact Num.: 013-3320570

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