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India Gate at Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar – Yum Yummmmm (Pork free)

We decided to indulge in some Indian food for the day and since we were in the area, it was a good time to give India Gate a try. This restaurant is perhaps one of the recent additions to Jalan Telawi 2 at two months old. The Bangsar branch is their fourth outlet, the others being at Cyberjaya, Puchong and Subang Jaya.

Parking: If you are familiar with the area, you’d know how difficult it is to get a parking spot along Jalan Telawi 2, especially during the day. I ended up parking in the underground carpark of Bangsar Village 3, where Sports Direct is located at. From the carpark, walking out, I’d be directly outside Q Bistro, which is located within the same row of shops as India Gate. Less than 5 minutes walk, no sweat.

I liked their bright colored ceiling. It resembles some of those fancy tiles I liked with beautiful artwork. In actuality, there was no tiles but the effects were pretty similar. It was pleasing to the eye. Customer service was good. We were immediately attended to and food arrived quickly.

Speaking of food, I was expecting the price point here to be on the higher side given its location but to my surprise, it was affordable.


Please click the link provided to view the Menu : The India Gate Restaurant | Facebook

Non Veg Thali, RM 15.90

All these items on a plate for just RM 15.90? Yup, you better believe it. It included 12 different items as indicated in the image below.

From top to bottom: Butter Chicken, achaar, fried couliflower, couliflower parathal, potato parathal, dhal
From top to bottom : 3 pieces of bread (naan), biryani rice, gulab jamun, raita, white rice, papadum.

Food was good, I liked it. The butter chicken was delicious. It came with 6 pieces of boneless chicken and eating it with the naan was delicious. The fried couliflower was crunchy and tasty. The vegetable dishes were a good addition to the rice. As for the rice, I like that besides the white rice, I also got a small serving of flavorful biryani rice. Plenty of options on a single plate. I ended the meal with the dessert served – Gulab Jamun. Yummm 😍

Chicken Biryani, RM 18.90

This dish too was tasty and flavorful. The rice was moist and soft, had plenty of flavor. Good enough to eat on its own as well as together with the gravy that came on the side with the raita. The dish also included an egg and two pieces of soft, tender chicken.

Would I head back here? Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Good food, good customer service and good ambiance. So yes, I’d drop by again.

Address: 26, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. Mon – Fri, 12 pm – 12 am. Sat & Sun, 11 am – 12 am.

FB page:


Contact num.: 03 – 2391 0074

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