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Define Burgers at The Link, Bukit Jalil (Pork free)

I visited this restaurant recently, located at The Link. Define Burgers has been around since 2018, however in 2021, they closed down. I suppose, when Covid 19 happened, it brought along a whole lot of unforeseen circumstances, especially to the F&B industry. Since then, we have seen many eateries close down for good, being sold and bought out, taken over by other companies, owners and etc. Perhaps this restaurant too faced the same predicament. As of 2022 though, this restaurant is now back in action, managed by a different company and driven by the mission that the food they serve is healthy, premium and is of good quality.

Define Burgers is located at The Link, on the first floor. As you are nearing, you’d be able to see it from the roadside. Parking: There are parking spots directly outside the restaurant, however, more often than not, it will be fully occupied. So, the most folks end up parking along the roadside and go about their businesses. From the looks of it, one does not need to worry about ‘kena saman’ here.


I was told that literally everything served was handcrafted by them. They make their own sauces and patties as well as their own crafted cold brew and flavored house teas. Heck, even the gelato too. I suppose, one way to maintain the premium and healthy quality they strive to achieve is to simply make it themselves.

*** Every now and then, Define Burgers offers promotions. Currently, till 14th July, you are entitled to get a cup of free coffee with every RM 40 spent. In the near future, there would also be a “buy 1 and get the second one at 50% off” promo. So, do keep a lookout.

Extra Juicy, RM 41.95

Simply by looking at the image above, you’d be able to visualize its juicyness…. because it was – juicy. What it was not was overly flavored. As Define Burgers aim to provide a healthy version of good quality food, naturally they would forego the use of preservatives and artificial flavorings. So, what you’d get is juicy double 140g of Australian beef patty drizzled with BBQ sauce, both of it made in-house, topped with onions, gherkins, lettuce, tomatoes and Australian cheese. There was juicyness, crunchyness, different textures as you bite into it. Thanks to the smoked duck bacon and crispy onion rings. Yummmmmmm. The burger also came with a side of fries. Best have this dish on an empty stomach because it sure is bound to fill you up.

Salted Creamy, RM 25.95

This is a chicken sandwich. It is smaller in size but no less filling. The patty consisted of a boneless chicken chop drizzled with Salted Egg Buttermilk sauce – made in house. Tastewise, the sauce was a tad on the milder side. The buttermilk was evident but the distinct taste of salted egg was slightly muted down … perhaps because this was the healthier version? Makes me wonder how much preservatives and food enhancers were used in processed, prepacked salted egg sauce that is commonly used at restaurants ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”. The sandwich also includes a sunny side up, lettuce and tomatoes with charcoal bun. Overall, a pretty good sandwich.

Valrhona Chocolate Gelato

The gelato too are made and produced in house. I decided on Valrhona Chocolate because it was good quality chocolate and I was curious to see how potent it would be. What I was expecting was something milder in taste but here, it sure was strong. Every mouth you take, you’d be able to taste the richness of the chocolate. It was simply divine. Best part was that it was not too sweet. So, the chocolate was solely the star here.

House Tea

I’ve never been much of a tea person but the few times that I do indulge though, I savor it. I decided to go with the house tea that was suggested to me. I couldnt recall which one exactly but it consisted of a unique blend of flowers and fruits. I enjoyed sipping on it.

Thanks Define Burgers for having us over. It was a good experience.

Address: C-8-1, The Link, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit Jalil, KL.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs – Sun, 11 am – 10 pm. Wednesdays Closed.

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/dfineburgers/

Contact Num.: 03 – 9767 9989

Signing out now, Ciao.


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