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Envi Skydining at Menara TA One, KL – A beautiful view

This was yet another visit that occured as a result of the influences of social media. Yes, I saw several videos making its round around the internet and I liked what I saw, especially in regards to the view. So, here I was, paying Envi Skydining a visit.

Ask anyone who has been to this rooftop dining what is the most appealing thing about this spot and they will tell you – it’s the view. Of course, to truly enjoy it, it is best to visit in the evening and night.

I dropped by at 5.30 pm and from that point until 6.30 pm, walk-ins were okay. Once it hits 7 pm though, if you intend to enjoy the view, seated outdoor, then best make a reservation. The tables fill up very quickly and if you made no reservation, they most likely will seat you inside.

Getting to the rooftop: Okay, once you are parked in Menara TA One, you head to the lobby and you’ll see a guard or two there. Do tell them that you intend to visit the rooftop bar and they will let you into the lift area. There, you take a specific lift up that will lead you straight to Level 33. Once you are there, you will arrive at another lobby.

Level 33 lobby

Here, you take another lift (as seen in the image above) that would lead you up to the Envi Skydining.

Your view from within the lift.

Outdoor Area

Indoor Area

Oooo yes, the view was spectacular. Sooo worth the visit. Customer service was okay, almost all waiters are Bangladeshis/ Pakistanis, besides a few minor hiccups, they had not problem conversing in English.

***There is a minimum order per table – 2 drinks and 2 dishes.


Mushroom & Tuna Pizza, RM 40 + Iced Latte, RM 16

Mushroom & Tuna Pizza
Iced Latte

The pizza was mediocre. It was made up of a thin pizza crust with cheese. You’d get a good scattering of mushroom but very, very little tuna. There will be one tiny flake of tuna here and there but it could pass of as an accidental dropping as oppose to a topping. It was mediocre. If it did not come with the spectacular view, I’d think they were trying to rip me off. However, with the view, I guess I cant complain. I did see several tables ordering burger, perhaps I should have given that a try, ey? It looked more promising

The coffee was rather terrible. It was diluted. I think even before the ice was added, the drink was already watery. Add in the ice and you would get an epicly diluted coffee. They certainly do not know how to make good coffee. Maybe I should have ordered a cocktail instead πŸ€”

Despite the mediocre food, the awesome view made up for it. I ended up spending almost 4 hours here. During my visit, I got to experience the beautiful change of city view, from slightly bright evening, to sunset and then night. Would I head back here? Yea, I would. I liked the view.

Address: Rooftop, Menara TA One, Jalan P. Ramlee, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekdays, 11am-3pm, 5pm-12am. Weekends, 5pm-12am.

FB page:

Contact Num.: 019 – 771 7170

Signing out now, Ciao.


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