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Wheatcraft Artisan Bakery at Mutiara Damansara – Cinnamon rolls 😍 (Pork free)

This was an unplanned visit. I ended up in the area while having to wait for a friend to finish up his meeting nearby. I figured I’d order a glass of Iced Long Black, sit back and get some work done. That was the plan until I saw the cinnamon buns on display. There goes my calorie count for the day … haiyaaa.

When I arrived at around 3 pm, there were still plenty of pastries. Fast forward an hour later, most of it were gone. Wheatcraft is most definitely a neighborhood bakery. People living and working nearby drop by every now and then to takeaway their favorite pastries and bread.


As I’ve already had lunch prior to my visit, I was aiming to indulge in some desserts heremainly the Cinnamon rolls 😍😍

Walnut Cream Cinnamon Roll, RM 8 + Tiramisu Cinnamon Roll, RM 8

Walnut Cream Cinnamon Roll
Tiramisu Cinnamon Roll

One my day of visit, they had 4 options for cinnamon rolls : Dark Chocolate, Original, Walnut Cream and Tiramisu. I opted for Walnut Cream and Tiramisu. The cinnamon rolls were yummy, I personally liked the one with walnut cream. The cinnamon bun itself was moist, fluffy and dense, with a pleasant amount of sweetness as well as the appealing taste of cinnamon. Topped with a creamy ganache and walnut sprinkle, it was a joy to bite into.

The Tiramisu was similar in texture and tastewise. The distinct taste of Tiramisu was on the mild side here. It would not be a case of you immediately knowing that it’s a Tiramisu roll. It will come to you eventually. If I am not mistaken, the cream on the top was a mix of cream cheese and cocoa powder? The powder provided a little bit of bitterness to the an overall sweet-ish dish. I liked it. I liked the fact that there was a potential of me tasting different flavors with every mouth I take.

Would I head back here? Sure. If I am in the area next, I’d keep Wheatcraft in mind. Looking forward trying out their pastries next.

Address: No. 26 – 1, Jalan PJU 7/16, Mutiara Damansara, PJ.

Opening hours: Tue – Sat, 9am – 5 pm.

Website link:

FB page:

Contact Num.: 012 – 329 3178

Signing out now, Ciao.


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