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Common Space at Imbi, KL (Pork free)

Common Space is the latest addition into this row of shops, at just 1 week old. Other notable eateries in the area are Bestow and the popular pets cafe – Monster A Garden Cafe. I visited Common Space after a shopping session at Berjaya Times Square. As it is located just 5 minutes away, I simply walked over.

This eatery certainly is aesthetically pleasing. The green themed entrance had a selection of plants that provides one with an illusion of being surrounded by nature when seated there. It was pleasing to the eye and I was not the only one who thought so. During my visit here, there were plenty of people who opted to sit outside and spent more than half the time there trying to get a good photo ๐Ÿ˜. This cafe certainly is instagrammable.

Both cafes share the same entrance. Common Space is located on the left, Monster A Garden Cafe on the right.

I like the ambiance here, it was calm and peaceful. The off white, beige colored brickwall exuded a sense tranquility. I also liked that they had plenty of options for seating. If you like being among other people, ground floor is great but if you require some privacy, there are quiet corners here and there as well as the top floors available for your picking.


I would have loved to give their burger or pasta a try but unfortunately, I’ve already had lunch. So, I settled for a slice of cake and coffee this time.

The Bittersweet, RM 14 + Dirty Matcha Latte, RM 15 + Belgium Chocolate Cake, RM 14.80

Both drinks were part of their Signature option. The Bittersweet blew my mind away. I did not expect to like it this much. The drink basically was a combination of watermelon juice + espresso. I ordered it simply because I was curious. The fruit juice and coffee combination was a mix I could not guess the outcome and that led to my curiousity which resulted in me giving this drink a go. It was goooood. I really enjoyed it. Imagine drinking bitter espresso with sweet watermelon juice. It was two different contrasting flavors that worked surprisingly well together. Here I thought the bitter expresso would likely overpower the juice but nope. With every sip you take, you’d get the bitterness but with appealing hints of watermelon juice sweetness. Very niceeeeeee.

The Dirty Matcha Latte is as its name suggest a latte + matcha. While I like matcha, I am not a fan of a drink that is made up fully of that and so, this worked for me. It was latte with a matcha undertone. Good it was but not as memorable as The Bittersweet ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Belgium Chocolate Cake was decadent. The chocolate was more towards bittersweet and so, that was the underlying tone throughout the cake. If you are hoping for something purely sweet, this may not do it for you. For me though, it satisfied my dessert craving. The texture was more towards a fudge as oppose to a crumbly cake. It resembled a more solid version of a thick fudge. With a topping of crunchy nuts and a bottom of biscuit crumble, this made up a good slice of cake.

All in all, I had a good time here. I look forward to dropping by again and giving their main meals a try.

Address: 40, Jalan 1/77A, Off Jalan Imbi, Changkat Thambi Dollah, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. Sun – Thurs, 10 am – 10 pm. Fri & Sat, 10 am – 12 am.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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