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Visalatchi’s Banana Leaf Restaurant at Brickfields (Pork free)

I had Indian food today at Visalatchi’s and it was good. This restaurant has been around for years and initially, they were located at the same spot they did now. Then, for some reason, they ended up moving a few doors down and ever since they did, I’ve not visited them. I dont know why πŸ€”πŸ€” it lost its charm, I suppose. A few years went by till very recently as I was driving past and noticed that they’ve moved back into their original spot. Oooo, time to drop by for lunch.

Today’s visit was the second time, the first was two weeks back and it was a rather dreadful experience. The restaurant was fullhouse but luckily, tables were emptying quickly during my arrival. We were seated within 8 minutes. Once seated though, we had to wait for more than 15 minutes to be served and that too despite multiple attempts to get their attention. It was only when one of us raised our voice to get them to serve us immediately, did they finally do so. Hmmm maybe they were low on workers + underestimated the number of people that would drop by for lunch that day might have caused this customer service blunder ? I dont know

Today was a much better experience though. I intentionally dropped by earlier and thank god it was raining heavily … that will take care of crowd control πŸ˜†πŸ˜† . As a result, there was no crowd, we were attended to quickly and were served our food swiftly.

The restaurant was clean. Spacious too when it is not crowded. It provides a comfortable environment.

2 sets of Banana Leaf Rice + Chicken Varuval = RM 22

Banana leaf rice
Chicken Varuval

The banana leaf rice set included rice, 3 choices of vegetables : long beans, bittergourd and beans with gravy, papadam, rasam and curry of choice. It estimately costs RM 7-8 per head. The vegetables with the rice and sambar was good. It was a hearthy and tasty vegetarian dish and that was exactly what it felt like I had. The Chicken Varuval was somewhat of a letdown. Why? While it tasted yummy, it was served with more bones than meat πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. Only two to three pieces of chicken had enough meat on them, the rest were mostly bones and thick gravy, with little meat scattered on it here and there. Which is why, to me, it felt like I was eating a vegetarian meal for lunch with accidental droppings of chicken. There was hardly enough meat. Perhaps next time, I’ll stand there next to them to make sure they pick the better pieces. Yup, that would do it πŸ€”

In conclusion, besides the issue with the chicken, it was a rather good experience. Would I head back here? Yea, sure. Food was good. Wouldn’t mind dropping by for another visit.

Address: 6, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 03 – 2276 4453

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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