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Frame Thai at Happy Mansion, Section 17, PJ – Yummmmmm

Frame Thai is a popular Thai eatery on this side of town. Located on the Ground floor of Block A, Happy Mansion, it has been around for years. Frame Thai isn’t just a restaurant, it is a restaurant cum Thai Grocer.

I arrived at lunch hour and from the look of it, judging from the crowd, it does seem like Frame Thai is a neighborhood favorite. My friends love this restaurant as it is conveniently located and food is good. If you are one of those who like restaurants that occupy a nice big space, preferably air conditioned…. Frame Thai is not for you. The setup here is simple and basic, you either like it or hate it. It is also small, it is many things within a limited space. This may not be everyones’ cup of tea but it does have its charm.

** They accept cash, QR Pay and Bank Transfer here for payment.

There are enough tables and chairs to accommodate eight groups of four atleast. During lunchtime, all tables may be occupied. In that case, do line up at the entrance and wait your turn. Worry not as the waiting line moves pretty fast.

While waiting in line, you can feast your eyes on desserts, pan grilled meat as well as a variety of Thai sauces used for cooking.

Mango Sticky Rice
Red Ruby, Fruit shaped Mung Beans, Coconut Pudding, Steamed Tapioca in Syrup
Grilled Meat
Sausages and etc.


Curry Seafood in Coconut, RM25 + Mixed Vegetables, RM 15 + Fried Eggs, RM 2 + Steamed rice, RM 2

Steamed rice
Fried Egg
Mixed Vegetables
Curry Seafood Coconut

The Curry Seafood in Coconut was delicious. It was a perfect dish to share and an awesome addition to the steamed rice and mixed vegetables. In it, you’d get four to five medium sized prawns with several pieces of squid and cockles. Based on its name, I assumed I’d be getting a coconut full of curry but apparently not. It came in a soupy gravy with lots and lots of eggs in it. Surprisingly tasty and yummy. It would definitely be something I’d order again. For this particular dish to be served, it took quite a while, close to 20 minutes but we were warned. Just as we were placing our order, the waitress mentioned it several times that the Curry Coconut will take some time to be made and yea, it took quite a while but the wait was worth it.

The Mixed Vegetables included couliflower, broccoli, carrots, kailan, cabbage, tomatoes, button mushrooms with a good sprinkle of fried onion, garlic on the top. It was not too salty and included a rather ketchupy soupy gravy that went well with the rice. While waiting for the coconut to arrive, the vegetables, rice and fried egg filled our tummies. Yum!

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience here. Food was good and I actually enjoyed the small space.

Address: AG 3, Ground floor, Block A, Happy Mansion, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 11 am – 8 pm. Mondays Closed.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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