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Little Tee Cakes at Bangsar Utama, Bangsar – Ooo cakes 😍 (Pork free)

I recently visited this new, 2 week old cafe in hopes of satisfying my dessert craving. Thanks to my sweet tooth, searching for dessert spots around town has become a weekly affair for me.

I discovered Little Tee Cakes through my friend. She works in Brickfields and if time permits, she takes the train to Bangsar, to have lunch with her UOA ‘kakis‘. Thanks to a blog post they saw online, they paid Little Tee Cakes a visit. My friend liked the dessert she tried, told me about it and so, here I am 😁

If you are familiar with Bangsar, you’d know where Menara UOA, Menara Etiqa, Gaya Bangsar Condo is. There is a row of shops facing it that has restaurants like Restoran Fathima, Sri Ananda Bhawan (now closed) and Wok It. Basically the same road that would eventually lead you to the popular Jalan Kemuja if you head on straight. I always thought that this was just ONE row of shops but apparently, it is a square. If you past this row of shops and take a left turn at the end of it, there are more row of shops. 😲😲 How did I not know this?? 😲😲 So anyways, in one of those row of shops is where Little Tee Cakes is.

Parking: was surprisingly easy. As this cafe is located away from the main road, parking was a breeze. All around the square, plenty available. If there are none at your time of visit, you can always park at Menara UOA and walk over, less than 5 minutes away, no sweat.

Customer service was great. I was immediately attended to, food arrived rather fast. They were all friendly, welcoming, more than happy to have a conversation, wearing a smile the entire duration I was there. A pleasant experience indeed.

Payment: Accepts cash, QR pay/ewallets and credit/debit card.

There is WIFI here.


Room Temperature Cakes

Chilled Cakes

Lemon Raspberry Cake, RM16

When this slice of cake first arrived at my table, my immediate thoughts were on its size and how small it is. RM 16 can get me a way larger slice elsewhere πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” but upon eating it though, I fully understood why. The Lemon Raspberry is a room temperature cake. I was told that this particular type of cakes are more heavy and dense compared to the Chilled cakes that are more lighter. I clearly underestimated its size because as small as it was, it filled me up pretty fast. The cake texture was dense, moist and compact. I went with this cake because I wanted a cake that could provide me with something more than the usual sweetness and this was spot on. With every mouth I took, there was a perfect mix of sweet and slight sourness from the lemon and respberry.

Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl, RM26

This dish I ordered because I thought I had some space in my stomach left for lunch. However, while waiting for the dish to be served, it seemed like that mini slice of cake expanded in my stomach and took up almost all the space. I kid you not. So, I ate what I could and left the rest. It was a tasty dish. It included soft white rice, chicken katsu, tartar sauce and pickled cabbage. I liked that rather than serving an ordinary tartar sauce, they added wasabi in. I am usually apprehensive when it comes to wasabi because little of it can do alot of damage but here, it worked well. I think the tartar itself tones down the severity of the wasabi while letting it shine. Eating it with the rice and chicken provided me a rather unique taste that was pleasant. The chicken had a crispy outer layer and soft chewy meat on the inside. So, rest assured, with this rice bowl, you’d be getting different flavors and textures. I enjoyed it.

Overall, I had a good time here. Would I be back? As I am a Bangsar regular, I’d likely drop by, especially for the cakes. I would love to try the other options available.

Address: 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Mon, Thurs – Sun, 11am – 9.30 pm. Tue & Wed Closed.


FB page:

Contact Num.: 012 – 242 5669

Signing out now, Ciao.


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