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Astons Specialities at 1 Utama, PJ (Pork free)

Astons Specialities is a Singaporean casual steakhouse known for serving up good steaks and other Western variety like burgers, pasta and etc. without the high price point it usually comes with. At the moment, they have a few outlets locally – at 1 Utama, PJ and at Johor’s Paradigm Mall.

The outlet in 1 Utama is located on the Ground floor, New Wing, a short distance away from Bristish India and Tommy Hilfiger. It has both indoor and outdoor seating option.




Garlic Bread, RM 7.90 + Cream of Mushroom, RM 7.90

Garlic Bread
Cream of Mushroom

Both these dishes were starters. The Garlic Bread was lovely, I liked it. A baguette/french loaf was used here and together with a good spread of garlic butter with pieces of garlic scattered all over, made up some tasty garlic bread.

Double Up Chicken, RM 44.90

Hickory BBQ Chicken
Fiery Chicken

The Double Up Chicken is a combo with 2 sides. It includes Hickory BBQ Chicken, Fiery Chicken with Onion Rings and Coleslaw. Both pieces of chicken were boneless and yummy but between the two, the BBQ chicken is my favorite as it had a nice mix of flavors – sweet and spicy. Fiery Chicken in contrast was spicy with evident hints of black pepper. Be careful as the spiciness sneaks up on you. My first mouth it was easy peazy. Fourth mouth onwards is when it hit. Both were delicious, the meat was soft and tender, it simply is a matter of preference that I liked the BBQ chicken better.

Prime Ribeye (180g), RM 63.90

The Prime Ribeye (180g) was tasty, juicy. As the meat was a combination of medium to well done – just the way I like it, there was mix of soft, tender, succulent meat with solid, chewy meat. It tasted good, well seasoned, biting into it was divine. I am well aware that when it comes to steaks, we all have our own personal preferences and so, be sure to mention it while placing your order. The dish also included broccoli, potato wedges and a mushroom black pepper dip.

Crispy Fried Chicken Cheese Burger, RM 32.90

The Crispy Fried Chicken Burger was exactly as its name suggest. You’d get a burger that includes a large piece of boneless fried chicken that was crispy yet juicy. I like that they use English Muffins as their burger bun, it worked well with the crispy boneless fried chicken, cheese, mustard, tomatoes, cucumber, mayo and lettuce. Yummmmm! The dish also includes a side of fries.

Apple Passion Frizz, RM 14.90 + Sunrise, RM 14.90

Sunrise (left), Apple Passion Fizz (right)

If you fancy something fresh, be sure to add these mocktails into your dining experience at Astons. If you are not much of a ‘sweet’ person then Sunrise would be ideal for you. What you’d primarily taste is reflective of the main ingredient used – orange. You’d get mainly sour tart-ish with an underlying mild sweetness. Besides orange, the drink also included lime juice and grenadine syrup.

While Sunrise was nice and refreshing, I liked Apple Passion Fizz the best.

Apple Passion Fizz includes apple juice, nata de coco, passion fruit puree and lychee poppers, a combination of all ingredients I like. Biting onto them nata de coco was nostalgic as it was one of my favorites things to chew on when I was a kid. The lychee poppers were even better. The poppers are small, round in shape and as soon as you bite into it, sweet lychee juice pours out. This drink has a good balance between sweet and sourness. The puree from the passion fruit provided bits of sourness among the sweetness. A fun drink to have after a hard days work.

Overall, I had an awesome time here. Thank you Aston Specialities for having us over.

Address: Lot 360, Ground floor, New wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 03 – 7733 0788

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083192049108

Signing out now, Ciao.


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