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Restoran Wing Heong at Seri Kembangan – Chicken riceeee

We were in the mood for some chicken and char siu rice recently and decided to pay Wing Heong in Seri Kembangan a visit. I suppose with folks from this side of town, this eatery is popular and known for serving up some good char siu and siu yoke but to me who lives a good 45 minutes away, I knew nothing about the existence of Wing Heong.

Getting there was easy, Waze will lead you to it but once you get there, it gets a tad confusing. You’d come across several ‘gerai’ stacked next to one another, along a very busy stretch of road. Parking was literally by the side of that busy road depending on wherever you find an empty spot.

For landmark, use the Goodnite Furniture Store. It will be easier to pin point the exact location of the eatery as its located opposite.

Goodnite Furniture Store (left arrow), Wing Heong (right arrow)

I came here to try what its known for – char siu and siu yoke but by 1 pm, it was all sold out 😭😭😭 haiyaaaaaaaaaaaΓ aa.

So, we all ended up with roasted chicken and roasted duck rice.

Roasted Chicken Rice, RM 5.50 + Roasted Duck Rice + Taugeh, RM 5 + Fermented Tauhu, RM 5

Chicken Rice
Roast Duck Rice
Fermented Tauhu

I must say, food here is exceptionally cheap. It has been a looooong while since I’ve last come across Chicken Rice that cost me RM 5.50. Most of the dishes here fall within the RM 5 – RM 7 bracket. Food was pretty good. You’d get a good portion of rice to meat. The chicken was soft and dense whereas the duck had a chewy texture, as it rightfully should. The taugeh and tauhu came in a generous portion size. The fermented beans on the tauhu was awesome, it made the whole dish delicious. All in all, it was simple, affordable food.

Based on the chicken and duck dish ordered – the food was okay, pretty good but would I drive all the way there, having to spend 35-45 minutes on the road? Noler. I will not. There are plenty of other good chicken rice restaurant closer to me. It does not make sense for me to travel up and down to Seri Kembangan just to eat the chicken and roast duck rice here. However, I think I would not mind giving this eatery another go, just so that I can give their most popular dish – char siu and siu yoke a try as I did not get a chance to do so this time. If it is as good as the reviews say it is online, maybe I’d revise my opinion on Wing Heong. Maybe then spending 35 – 45 minutes on the road makes it worth it.

Address: Kampung Baru Seri Kembangan, Seri Kembangan, Selangor. (Opposite Goodnite Furniture Outlet)

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sun, 10.30 am – 3 pm. Tuesdays Closed.

Contact Num.: 016 – 323 6768

Signing out now, Ciao.


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