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Marvel Pizza at Uptown, Damansara Utama – New kid on the block with awesome pizzas 😍 (pork free)

One of the latest/newest additions to Uptown Damansara is Marvel Pizza. At just over 2 weeks old, it is fast becoming a crowd favorite, especially among pizza lovers.

Where is this restaurant located? Right next to the ever so popular Hot Bird (Hot Bird at Uptown, Damansara Utama – Nashville Style Fried Chicken. Yum!! (Pork free) ).

Is it halal? At this moment, this eatery is pork free. They are however in the midst of and working towards getting their halal certification.

Marvel Pizza is a fast food concept restaurant. You’d basically head to the counter, state your order and pay. Once food is ready, your order number will be ringed up and displayed on the display panel. All food items are served in a ready-to-eat takeaway packaging.

The team behind this restaurant is made up of knowledgeable individuals, with decades worth of F&B experience including having worked at several notable fine dine restaurants in the country. So, one can certainly expect good food here.

The restaurant itself is pretty spacious, comfortable. As mentioned before, all orders are packed/served in a takeaway packaging that is ideal for both dine in and ‘bungkus’. We opted to dine in and to me, casual dining quality with fast food concept sums up what Marvel Pizza offers.

*** This is a cashless restaurant. So naturally, they strongly prefer payment by card and/or QR pay.

…. and ooo, notice the vending machine? Yup, Marvel Pizza is literally the only restaurant I’ve come across in a looooooooooooong time that has a vending machine in it. What is the purpose? When asked, I was told that during peak hours, when there are many orders, sometimes customers are required to wait (totally understandable) and while they wait, if they get hungry, they can grab something from the vending machine to munch on. All items in the machine comes with a flat rate of RM 3.


…… They also offer some interesting deals and discounts in conjunction of their Soft Opening, from 15 Oct – 30 Nov 2022.

** You’d be able to get the promo voucher from the payment counter.

Chef Kairul’s Spicy Chicken Pizza, RM 25.90 + Seafood Pizza, RM 25.99 + Mushroom Pizza, RM 24.90

At the moment, they offer 10 types of pizza including chef special – Chef Khairul’s Spicy Chicken Pizza. These are their introductory pizzas. In the near future, they intend to add on more choices and flavors. Each pizza comes in 2 sizes – 10 inch and 12 inch.

Chef Khairul’s Spicy Chicken Pizza

Man, them pizzas are da’ bomb!! Really delicious. The base of the pizza was light and fluffy, similar to a lighter version of a roti naan.

Both the chicken and seafood pizza were great but my favorite is the chef special. The Chef Kairul’s Spicy Chicken Pizza lived up to its name. Not only was it delicious, it was spicy too (spot the red chili?). Spicy and sweet thanks to the BBQ Sauce used as a base. The combination of the two resulted in a rather appealing mix. Besides that, toppings include a generous spread of pineapples, chicken, onion and mozzarella cheese.

Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pizza comes with a white sauce base. Compared to the chicken pizza, this had a creamier topping. Texture is similar to a butter chicken sauce. Besides the white sauce, toppings also include a generous spread of prawn, fish, squid, onion, capsicum and mozzarella cheese.

Mushroom Pizza

As its name suggest, the Mushroom pizza is a vegetarian option and it is one of the best I’ve tasted in a long while. I am a meat eater and I very rarely enjoy vegetarian pizzas because it often fails to impress, nothing close to what a non veg pizza can offer me. This pizza right here is perhaps one of the few exceptions because it was simply delicious. I did not feel like I was missing out in any way by eating a vegetarian pizza. It has a tomato base sauce with plenty of wild mushroom, onion and mozzarella cheese. It was very niceeeeeeee.

Spaghetti Olio with Salmon Teriyaki, RM 21.90 + Creamy Fettuccine with Baked Prawn, RM 21.90

Spaghetti Olio with Salmon
Fettuccine with Prawns

Just like the pizzas, the pasta dishes were tasty too. The portion size is similar to what you’d find at cafes and restaurants. I especially liked the fetuccine. I’ve always preferred flat pasta like fettuccine to spaghetti and I like them creamy. So, the creamy fettuccine suited me just fine. It included 3 medium sized prawns. Creamy and cheesy it was, I loved it. The Spaghetti olio was good too and it included a pretty large piece of salmon. The combination was surprisingly good, better than expected. It also included a sprinkle of cheese and chili flakes.

Chicken Mushroom Pie, RM 15.90

Chicken Mushroom Pie

I honestly was not expecting much when it came to this dish because this is a pizza restaurant, they most likely would focus on getting that right. Upon eating it, color me suprise. It was goooood. The crust was soft and buttery, not too thick. The pie filling includes wild mushroom and cream sauce. It certainly was better than expected. I definitely would not mind having this dish for lunch, especially when it includes 6,7 pieces of onion rings on the side.

Chicken Popcorn with Salted Egg, RM 15.90

Popcorn Chicken

If you are a popcorn chicken lover, you’d enjoy this dish. The popcorn chicken makes an awesome snack and it comes in a generous enough portion that it could even be a meal for lunch, by itself. It is served with sweet chili sauce on the side.

Fried Calamari, RM 15.90

Fried Calamari

The Fried Calamari included tartar sauce and 8,9 pieces of calamari rings. The rings were flavorful and tender, eating it by itself was good enough but dunking it into the tartar sauce made it even more delicious.

Mushroom Soup, RM 9.90

Mushroom Soup

This soup was not the standard out-of-the-can Campbell soup generally used by eateries, nope. This was made in house with mushroom and croutons. The soup texture was thick, with lots of mushroom bits. Literally every mouth taken, you’d be chewing on mushrooms. I liked it and it certainly was a good starter dish.

All in all, I had an awesome time here. Food was goood and delicious. All dishes were great. The pizzas especially is something I’d keep Marvel Pizza in mind for because it is one of the good ones in the area. Would I head back here? Yup, I would love to.

Address: No. 81, Jalan SS 21/1a, Uptown, Damansara Utama. (Next to Hot Bird)

Opening hours: Everyday. Mon – Sun, 11 am – 9 pm.

FB page:

Contact Num.: 03 – 7491 0549

Signing out now, Ciao.


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