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JY Fusion Food at Desa Sri Hartamas – New kid on the block (pork free)

One of the latest, recent openings on this side of town is JY Fusion food. As its name suggest, it is all about fusion food here.

The restaurant is located on the Ground floor of Plaza Prismaville, the quieter side of the always busy area of Desa Sri Hartamas. Parking is easy and free but limited, a few rounds around the block would do the trick.

If you are a coffee lover, you’d be happy to note that FY Fusion opens at 8 am and offers the cheapest Americano in this part of town, at RM 5 per cup. On top of that, early birds discount is also available – 50% off on all drinks. One can expect medium roasted coffee here. Smooth with an undertone of sweetness.


JY Smash, RM 25

One of their signature dishes here is their Beef burger. JY Smash consist of a burger + fries with a side of aoili. The burger includes 140 g of Australian beef patty made inhouse, mango acar, Australian cheese and tomato relish with spicy remoulade. It was a tasty burger, the beef patty was juicy and flavorful. The size of the burger was perfect and the patty was made up of minced meat that was tender, easy to bite into and enjoy.

Kaarage Don, RM 18

This rice bowl is a fusion of Japanese and local cuisine. The coconut milk rice is locally inspired as well as the young mango acar. The 5 pieces of chunky chicken were tasty and flavorful, thanks to the sambal aioli made inhouse. Usually, with this sort of dish, a poached egg will be included. Here, it was half boiled egg instead. I honestly did not think it would go well with the dish because it wouldn’t be runny enough to keep the rice wet but it somehow worked. I suppose the soft, mash-y feel of the egg as well as the dense santan rice gelled well together.

Eggs Purgatory, RM 17.90

Eggs Purgatory is tomato based with 2 eggs, sunny side up. Here, they added a little local flavor to it through their spicy sambal. The sambal provided the dish an Asian touch that was even more delicious when eaten with the toasted bread that accompanied the dish.

All in all, lunch was tasty and yummy, filling too. Thank you very much JY team for having us.

Address: 5, Jalan 19/70a, Plaza Prismaville, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sun, 8 am – 3.30 pm. Tuesdays Closed

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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