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De GAZ Cafe at Warisan Cityview, Cheras – Tasty Vietnamese food with not so good customer service (Pork free)

I came across this Vietnamese cafe on social media a while back and figured I’d keep it in my list of to – visits when in the area. Recently, I had the opportunity to drop by De GAZ after my visit to MyTOWN Shopping Centre. Located less than 10 minutes away from one another, it made sense to have lunch here.

PARKING was easy. There are parking spots in front of the cafe and surrounding it. I managed to get a spot few doors down and parked for free.

At that point, we were the only customers. There was a waitress that pointed towards the QR code on our table to order, which we did. It was kind of obvious from the get go that she does not understand much English or Malay from her apprensive and aloof demeanor. That plus the fact that no matter how many times I tried getting her attention, she walks away πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. Apa ini laaaaaaaa. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

As I am not in the mood to rant today, I’ll keep this short. If the owner of this cafe is not around, good luck to you. The other folks working in the eatery does not understand the local language – Malay or English, anything besides ‘Saya tak faham’. The easiest thing to do is to place your order via the QR code on your table and pay. Hopefully, when your food arrives, it arrives within acceptable time. You then eat and leave without having to communicate a single word to them. If you are hoping to get your receipt or ask any questions – good luck to you because not only is getting their attention quite the feat, once you get it, trying to get them to understand what you’re saying is another thing all together.


Vietnam Style Fried Chicken Rice, RM 16.99

For some reason, the yellow rice here tasted like fried rice to me and I liked it. Eating it with the fried chicken was tasty. There was a serving of chili kechup on the side but I did not need it as it tasted good enough without.

Banh Mi with Roasted Chicken, RM 14.50

This too was a good dish. Judging on how the bread looked as well as its hardyness and crumblyness, I assumed that it was going to be one of those hard textured bread that was lots of bread with very little filling but nope. Somehow when bit into it, the bread minimizes and softens to a point that the ratio of bread to filling was almost equal. The roast chicken filling had some delicious flavor to it and together with the vegetables, made up a good banh mi. It would be an even more awesome dish if they added more chicken to it 😜

Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawn & Chicken, RM 12.90

The fresh spring rolls with chicken and prawn tasted as it should. It came served with 3 rolls cut in halves and a chili peanut dip. It was simple, healthy and yummy.

Would I head back here? Most probably not. Location wise, De GAZ Cafe is located out of the way for me. There are several other notable Vietnamese restaurants closer to home. Secondly, customer service I experienced here was below par. It certainly is one I’d remember for a while. So, nope.

Address: 28, Jalan 3/93a, Warisan Cityview, Cheras, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 9.30 pm.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.



  1. One thing I really appreciate is that you always include snapshots of the menu in your posts. It saves me a lot of time as I can decide on what to order before going to the eatery. Keep up the good work and happy trying out new food πŸ™‚

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