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LAVIE Boulangerie at Damansara Kim, PJ – Pastries & desserts 😍

We recently visited this bakery while in the area. For those of you familiar with this side of town, you might be aware that this used to be BakerryLa, is now LAVIE Boulangerie. We were simply looking for a space to get some work done and after driving around the block, figured this eatery would be the most suitable at that point in time.

We arrived at LAVIE just after 1 pm. It was mostly us at that point and we spent a good 4 hours there. Nearing teatime though, the bakery filled up pretty fast. It does seem like LAVIE is a neighborhood favorite at that time of the day. That is not to say that during other times there were no customers. They do come in regularly to takeaway bread and pastries.

This bakery might just be added into my list of eateries to ‘lepak’ at in the area. Not only was parking relatively easy, it is also conveniently located. They have wifi here which is great to get work done but the connection is somewhat unstable.

If you haven’t already guessed, LAVIE Boulangerie serves freshly baked goodies which includes pastries, desserts and bread. In addition to those items, they also serve main meals and seasonal offerings.

Pari Pari Sardine, RM 5 + Burnt Cheese Cruffin, RM 11 + Sesame Kouign Amann, RM 8.50 + Croissant Butter Pudding, RM 10

Burnt Cheese Cruffin
Pari Pari Sardine
Sesame Kouign Amann
Croissant Butter Pudding

The pastries were goood. The Pari Pari Sardine was tasty and between us – we ended up with 6 pieces. We ate one, liked it, went back for more and ‘tapau’ the rest. It had a crispy, thin hardy bottom crust with the rest being soft, sardine sambal as filling. The filling wasn’t spicy, it was tasty with an underlying hint of sweetness.

The cruffin, it was between a choice of houjicha, burnt cheese and lemon. We opted to try the burnt cheese cruffin. It was an experience by itself because it was my first time trying out this Croissant + Muffin hybrid. The outer layer was flaky and solid whereas the inner layer was softer and buttery with a generous amount of cream cheese filling. I was worried that the filling would taste like a custard would, with overwhelming eggy taste but to my surprise, eventhough it looked it, no eggyness here. Instead, it was an equal mix of cheese and sweetness. Nothing too overwhelming. It worked well with the cruffin. If you are expecting something soft and dainty, the cruffin is not it. What it is is a hardy exterior with soft interior.

The Sesame Kouign Amaan was okaaay but I am not a fan. If you are one of those who likes sesame and nuts, you’d enjoy this. I liked the inner part though – buttery and moist.

The Croissant Butter Pudding was yummmmmmmm. There was not a huge difference between using a bread and a croissant, in my opinion. I suppose croissant compared to bread sucks up the vanilla creme sauce faster? I loved itttt. If you fancy a dessert but nothing too heavy, this one could be it.

Would I head back here? I certainly will. For sure. Not only do I look forward to trying the other pastries and desserts, I also found another spot to hang out in between meetings to get work done.

Address: 17, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, PJ.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 8.30 am – 5.30 pm.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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