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Simply by DaYork at Seksyen 14, PJ – a porky delight

Located on the first floor, within a row of shops, just a short walk away from Jaya Shopping Centre, is Simply by DaYork. This 3 month old cafe serves pork meat cooked different ways – pork ribs, roast pork, pork belly, luncheon.

Parking: Our intention to double park infront of the cafe was squashed upon seeing MBPJ officials clamping cars. So, we ended up parking in the multi storey carpark directly behind this row of shops, at a cost of RM 1.50 per hour. Alternatively, you can also park at Jaya Shopping Centre and walk over.


IRVINS Spicy Salted Egg Dried Noodles, RM 13.90 + Twin Bento, RM 19.90

IRVINS Spicy Salted Egg Dried Noodles
Twin Bento

If you look through the menu, you’d notice that you’d get a few options for noodles – wet or soupy, noodles from Malaysia, Singapore or Korea and etc. I looked through my options and ended up deciding on Singapore’s IRVINS Spicy Salted Egg Dried Noodles. I was satisfied with my choice because it was delicious. The spiciness and the type of noodles used was spot on. The dish included roast pork, onsen egg, pickled cucumber, spicy IRVIN noodle with salted egg sprinkle.

This delicious bowl of noodles caused me RM 13.90. I wouldn’t mind having this dish for lunch, on the regular.

The Twin Bento is a rice bowl. Here, you can choose how many servings of meat you’d like – one, two or three. The Twin Bento had 2 choices of meat. While I was hoping for the roast pork + pork ribs combination, that was sadly not available. So, I ended up with the roasted pork + luncheon combo. It was tasty. You’d get a serving of rice with sauce + onsen egg + roast pork + luncheon + pickled cucumber. An awesome ricebowl for lunch.

Would I head back here? Yes, I would. I look forward to trying the other dishes available.

Address: 12b (first floor), Jalan 14/20, Seksyen 14, PJ. (Opposite Dominos)

Opening hours: Tue – Fri, 11am – 2.30 pm, 5 pm – 10.30 pm. Saturdays, 11am – 3 pm.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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