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Kedai Kopi Tan Yoke Lin at Setapak – Delicious Curry Mee & Char Siew

This was an accidental find. We initially intendes to head to another restaurant in the area but that didn’t go as planned. As we were not familiar with the area, we ended up using both Waze and Google Maps as a direction guide. This led us to driving in circles. We went around the block three times and eventually gave up. We parked by the roadside to figure out where to head to next, which coincidentally was where this Kedai Kopi was also located. Since it was nearing 2 pm and about to rain heavy, we took it as a sign to have lunch here instead.

No regrets at all. The Curry Mee here was da’ bomb!! and the char siew …. ooo yes.

The coffee shop is located by the roadside. Just lookout for the signage – Jalan Perusahaan Tengah and the coffee shop is located right there.

The eatery is a typical ol’ school Chinese coffee shop. Nothing fancy, no airconditioning. You’d see a bunch of old uncles yacking away, passing time. I liked the ambiance – simple, no frills. The coffee shop itself serves drinks and dishes. Within the coffee shop there are also 2 stalls. One serves chicken and char siew rice (Meng Kee Chicken Rice) and the other serves the curry mee.

Curry Mee, RM 7

This bowl of Curry Mee was delicious. The curry was thick, milky and flavorful. I slurped half of it up own its own. So satisfying. This was a good find. The mee hoon + mee mix went perfectly with the gravy. Besides that, other ingredients includes tauhu, taugeh, curry chicken, char siew, fuchuk. Yumm!

Chicken Rice + 2 servings of Char Siew, RM 16

We were literally one of the last few customers for the day. During our visit, the char siew was almost finished. While we received whatever final bits that remained, it was still juicy and tasty. The outer layer was sweet and crunchy in some areas. What we ordered was a plate of Chicken + Char Siew Combo Rice. The chicken was okay, we didnt care much for it. By the time we dropped by, the chicken was mostly gone. So, we ended up with pieces that were more bones than meat. The char siew was served in thick, juicy pieces the first round and because we liked it very much, we ordered another serving of it. Compared to the first, the second serving had tougher meat. Still tasty and sweet but it was all lean meat with no fats. I would have preferred the first serving but since the char siew was almost sold out for the day, I cant complain. If you guys have a preference on how you like your char siew, best request for it before hand.

Would I head back here? Yes. For the curry mee alone, I would… for that char siew tooo.

Address: 456, Jalan Perusahaan Ringan, Setapak.

Opening hours: Everyday, 10.30 am – 8 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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