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Luciano’s Italian Street Food at Wisma Central, KL – Good stuff πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ (Halal)

Less than a 10 minutes walk away from KLCC is Luciano's. This Italian restaurant is located on the Ground floor of Wisma Central, next to Four Seasons Place and opposite Avenue K. So, if you guys are shopping in the area and wondering where to have lunch, Luciano's is within walking distance from all these tourist hotspots. 
Halal: The owner said it was. This is a family run business by a couple. The lady being a local Malay and the man, who is the chef, an Italian from South of Itali.
Parking: There is parking available within Wisma Central itself. You can opt to park in the multi level carpark at a cost of RM 4 first hour and RM 3 for subsequent hours or park directly outside Luciano's at a rate of RM 5 per hour. We opted to park in front of the restaurant because that was easiest.


Truffle & Mushroom Pizza, RM 20.50

This may be considered a slice of pizza but you'd get a huge piece, cut into 12 pieces. It was delicious. The base is a flat bread - light and airy, with a spread of tomato sauce. Topping was sauteed mushrooms with garluc and parsley, topped with truffle oil. As soon as the dish arrives at your table, the aroma of truffle oil hits you first, enticing you to sink your teeth into that delicious pizza. Once you do that, you cant stop. The flavors were simple yet tasty. A delight to bite into the mix of truffle oil with mushroom served on a soft bread.

Spaghetti Allio Olio, RM 21.50

This dish was simple yet tasty too. My friend loved its simplicity. It was pasta cooked with garlic and oil. This is a meatless dish, meant to be enjoyed as it is. While my friend liked it, I on the other hand - not so much. This is only because I found the pasta a bit too hard to chew. While I am aware that it was served exactly as it should be, my dainty and fragile teeth found it too hard to chew. Blame it on the tooth ache I was suffering from.

Ciabatta, RM 5

I was sooo in love with this bread that I bought 3 pieces, I kid you not. At RM 5 each, it was totally worth it. Freshly made daily, the ciabatta is certainly a crowd favorite. Watching customers snapping it up by the minute made me want to give it a go too. When eaten dined in, they heat up the bread for you in addition to slicing it up. It tasted so gooooooood.  With a thin, hardy exterior and soft, light yet dense interior, it was a joy to bite into. I loved it.

Would I head back here? Yes, I would. If I am in the area again and fancy some Italian food, I'd drop by.

Address: Ground floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, KL (opposite Avenue K and next to Shoppes Four Seasons)

Opening hours: Tuedays to Sundays, 12 pm – 8 pm.

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