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AKS Corner at Taman Yarl – Tasty Banana Leaf Rice (pork free)

Tucked in a quiet corner of Taman Yarl is this Indian restaurant, AKS Corner. I’ve been to Taman Yarl many times over the years to indulge in the variety of food offering available in the area but this particular quiet corner is one I’ve never ventured into or knew it existed. This corner surprised me and I liked it.

Parking: Ample parking available by the roadside. This particular area is not one you have to worry about ‘kena saman’. It’s a little too deep into a neighborhood and off the main road for anyone to bother.

As soon as I entered AKS Corner, a few things stood out for me, positively. Firstly, the restaurant itself was big, well spaced out and most importantly, CLEAN. Yea, that detail caught my eye early on. It made eating here a whole lot more pleasant. I also liked that they put effort into making the interior more pleasing to the eye. It is not everyday that I come across an Indian restaurant with walls of dark blue green color and rustic gold color wall decors.

Customer service was great and food arrived very quickly. As soon as we entered, we decided on where we were seating, then headed to the food display area to choose our meat of choice and as soon as we were seated, everything was served quickly.

Banana Leaf Rice Set, RM 8.50 + Chicken Parathal, RM 8

Food was good. It tasted like homecooked food, minus the artificial flavorings and enhancers. For rice, you’d get a choice of white rice, brown rice and ghee rice. I opted for ghee rice. In many other Indian restaurants, ghee rice comes with extra charge but not here though. It cost the same as the other rice options. The ghee rice was delicious, long grained rice with a light buttery taste. I enjoyed eating it on its own but with the addition of thick, flavorful chicken curry though … ooo da’ bomb! With the banana leaf rice, it included with three vegetables. This day, if was potato, cabbage and bittergourd. Besides that, there were 2 pieces of papadum + rasam. I also ordered chicken parathal. There were 3 choices available – chicken masala, black pepper chicken and chicken parathal. Solely based on the amount left at the food display area, what seemed to be the crowd favorite was the chicken masala, which by the time I arrived for lunch, had very little left and most of it consisted of boney pieces. So, I ended up with the parathal instead. It consisted of 7 pieces of chicken and tasted good, not too spicy with good flavor. Overall, the banana leaf rice here was delicious. I certainly would not mind heading back here for another round of Indian food.

Address: Lot 22, jalan Awan Pintal, Taman Yarl, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday, 7 am – 11.59 pm.

FB page: AKS Corner | Kuala Lumpur | Facebook

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