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Oki Shokudo at Damansara Kim, PJ – Healthy & Delicious

I stumbled upon this 3 year old restaurant on my way to a work related meetup recently. By the time I was done, it was lunch hour and as it has been a while since I’ve had Japanese food, I figured I’d drop by to check it out.

After a stressful day, the last thing I was in the mood for was crowd and people. Choosing to have lunch here was perfect as I had the space all to myself, mostly. It was me and two other single eaters, seated at a distance away.

Customer service was great. As soon as I was seated, I was attended to.

Parking: It was relatively easy to get a parking spot here. During lunch hour, it may all be occupied. However, cars move in and out quickly here. So, chances are you’d come across an empty spot after going around the block a few times.


For those of you who are health enthusiast, you’ll love Oki Shokudo. Even to someone like me who ‘attempts’ some healthy eating every now and then, the discovery of this eatery was a delight. If you look through the menu, you’d notice soon enough words like Keto friendly, Diabetic friendly, gluten free and etc. Besides the usual white rice and ramen noodles, they also offer healthier options like quinoa and konjac noodles. Some dishes are also inspired by The Longevity Blue Zone, which I knew nothing about prior to this. Blue zones are apparently areas where people live longest, consistently reaching 100 years and beyond. Okinawa, Japan and Sardinia, Italy are some of the areas included in this zone. People living in these areas must be doing something right as they lead a healthier and longer life than the rest of us do.

Spicy Miso Ramen (big), RM 25 + Kaarage Chicken Curry Don (big), RM 26 + Spicy Miso Seasonal Vege, RM 5 + Green Tea, RM 4.50

Spicy Miso Ramen
Kaarage Chicken Curry Don
Spicy Misi Seasonal Vege
Green Tea

Food was delicious. I’d certainly be back here again to give the other dishes a try. If you guys are worried that healthy food = lacks of flavor, you couldn’t be more wrong. The dishes ordered were tasty.

For those of you who are Miso fans, the Spicy Miso Ramen will satisfy your tastebuds. It was a good mix of spicy and milkyness with the salty sweetness of the Miso. Together with the milky soup, you’d get a generous portion of ramen, seaweed, egg, mushroom, spring onions and chicken. I can see why this dish is one of their bestsellers, it sure was tasty.

In the rice bowl category, the Kaarage Chicken Curry Don is a crowd favorite and it was delicious. You’d get soft, fluffy rice in addition to 4 pieces of boneless chicken with a crispy exterior. The curry was delicious, I enjoyed slurping it. You would not regret ordering this rice bowl. I’ve got nothing to complain about.

The Spicy Miso Seasonal Vege was an awesome side dish. For RM 5, it was a generous portion. It consisted of crunchy spinach stalks with thickened miso gravy with a creamy consistency. Loved it!

Overall, I had a good experience here. As mentioned before, I’d be back here for another visit. Most definitely.

Address: No. 37, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, PJ.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 11.30 am – 3 pm, 5.30 pm – 10 pm. Mondays Closed.

Contact Num.: 03 – 7490 2282

Signing out now, Ciao.


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