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Zhaoji Dessert at Jalan Sultan, Petaling Street – Yummy tong sui

We recently stumbled upon this dessert cafe while doing a drive by through Petaling Street, after dinner. At night, the scene, atmosphere along this road is completely different from how it is during the day. Passing through it almost felt like we were transported back to Thailand, lol. I kid you not. There were people everywhere, left and right with equal amount of tourist and locals. Since traffic was moving rather slow, we took advantage of it by looking around, to check if there were any new F&B additions to the area …. and that was how we found Zhaoji Dessert.

Zhaoji Dessert is a newly opened cafe that offers mainly a variety of desserts/tong sui, has been in operation for 2 weeks.


(Taro Pearl Coconut Milk with Sago, Honey Red Bean & Mango, RM 12) + ( Red Bean Cereal Soup with Sago, Taro Pearls, Glutinous Rice Balls, RM 16

Taro Pearl Coconut Milk with Sago, Honey Red Bean & Mango
Red Bean Cereal Soup with Sago, Glutinous Rice Balls, Taro Pearl.

Both bowls of tong sui were tasty and surprisingly filling. When you order add ons on top of the main dish, you’d get a proper serving of it. So, be sure to have space in your stomach if you intent to indulge. The two of us visited right after we had dinner. We did not plan to stop anywhere else on our way home but ended up noticing Zhaoji. We weren’t sure about the serving size and assumed that it would not be generous. Hence why we added add ons and eventually ended up stuffed, lol.

Both tong sui were tasty. One had a coconut milk base while the other, a cereal soup base. I couldn’t really say the difference between the two as both of it were almost alike. I liked the fact that neither had the lingering taste of milk, that made it more enjoyable. The taro pearls add on were the mini versions. I preferred this option as oppose to the large size ones because the mini ones did not induce the feeling of ‘muak’, which usually is the case with the bigger ones, eventually. The Glutinous Rice Balls add on included 3 balls with black sesame filling. Seeing that it has been a long while since I’ve last had it, I certainly enjoyed this one.

Safe to say, by the time we were done here, we were stuffed ๐Ÿ˜ We look forward to dropping by again and giving the other dishes a try.

Address: No. 48, Jalan Sultan, KL. (Located on the same row as REXKL, towards the middle)

Opening hours: To be confirmed but last call is between 10 pm – 10.30 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao


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