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Cameleon Beancurd Vegetarian Restaurant at Jalan Thamboosamy, KL – Vegetarian foooooood

Ooo man, last week has been one of the worst weeks I’ve had this year. I fell sick. Coughed and coughed till my chest hurt. Even breathing hurts, body hurts… everything hurts 😭😭😭. Good thing I’m getting better and since I can actually taste food now, I suppose I can go right back to visiting new eateries.

I came across Cameleon while looking for vegetarian restaurants in KL. Several of my friends decided to forego meat after the Covid 19 pandemic… I honestly dont know why but hey, if they are in need of a fresh start, I’m all for it. I thought this vegetarian restaurant could be a good place for a lunch meetup seeing that they scored an average of 4.2/5 from over 530 people … it should be relatively good, right?

I arrived with my friend just after lunch hour. The restaurant was mostly empty with some customers here and there. Customer service was good, orders were quickly taken and food arrived sooner than expected.

Based on my observation, it seemed like most customers here are regulars. Both the waitress and customers knew each other, there were familiarity among them, some jokes exchanged here and there. Foodwise, it is simple. So, if you are expecting to be wow-ed off your seats with bombastic flavors, you’d be disappointed. Food here is simple yet tasty.


Assam Fish with Rice, RM 13.90 + Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice, RM 13.90 + Brinjal, RM 17.90 + Dragon Fruit Blended, RM 9.90

As we weren’t in the mood to eat a lot of food, we opted to skip ordering the individual dishes – vegetables + meat + gravy + white rice. Instead, we opted for preset meals. I went for the Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice.

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice

This dish came with a serving of white rice and vegetarian chicken in sweet & sour sauce. The sauce had a sweet tanginess to it and included some pineapples and tomatoes. The chicken as usual was made of soy and I liked it. As it has been ages since I’ve last had it, it was enjoyable.

Assam Fish with Rice

My friend went with the Assam Fish with Rice and between the two, I prefer this dish. The Assam Fish gravy was spot on, it tasted as it should. Yummy. It included 2 pieces of ‘fish’ that closely resembled it. Tastewise though, naturally different but went well with the assam gravy nonetheless.

The Brinjal was delicious, albeit a tad pricier that average. The serving size was big enough for two and included a good portion of brinjal, fried onions and mushrooms.

For drink, we opted to try the Blended Dragon Fruit and it was yummy. It you are a dragon fruit lover, you’d enjoy this. We requested for no use of sugar because we liked the potent-ness of the fruit and it was a good choice. By itself, it was already semisweet and the ummph from the dragon fruit was more evident here. Every sip I took was simply divine. Loved it!

Would I head back here? While food was pretty good, it is located quite a distance away from me and so, I most likely will give this a miss seeing that there are closer vegetarian restaurants to me, ones that I am a regular at.

Address: No. 1, Jalan Thamboosamy, Off Jalan Putra, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm

Contact Num.: 016 – 227 6949

FB page: η”˜ε‘³ζž—η΄ ι£Ÿι€εŽ… Cameleon Beancurd Vegetarian Restaurant | Kuala Lumpur | Facebook

Signing out now, Ciao.


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