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Jacs N Spice at Jalan Ampang, KL – Tasty Indian food albeit a little pricey (Pork free)

Jacs N Spice is located on the first floor, above the popular grocer in the area, Hock Choon Supermarket. I’ve been to this grocer many times but I somehow missed the existence of the first floor. That floor consist of a few SMEs – a beauty parlor, a tailor, a barber, a money changer, a clothing shop, several F&Bs (a pizza shop, an Indian eatery and I Love Yoo!) and etc. One of the F&B here is Jacs & Spice, an eatery that serves Indian food. I only discovered this floor when I was outside the grocer, took a look up and noticed the signboards, realized there were other things here besides the grocer.

Anyways, to head up to the 1st floor, there are stairs within and outside the grocer to lead you there.

They do not seem to have a proper Menu and so, if you intend to get a glimpse of what is available, do head to their website to view the Menu: . Do keep in mind that the prices for the items have increased a few ringgit from what is stated.

Mixed Rice, RM 23

Food was yummy, had a ‘homecooked’ feel which I liked. You can pick your items from the food display area but they will serve it to you.

Each vegetable cost RM 3.50 here and we chose 3 – pumpkin, long beans and bittergourd, which equalled RM 10.50. The rice cost RM 2 and Chicken Parathal was RM 10 per serving (includes 5 pieces of chicken). Between the 3 vegetables, my favorite was the pumpkin. It was perfect to eat with rice thanks to its thick gravy. The chicken was good too, the parathal was flavorful. Overall, it cost RM 23 which to some, is overpriced for what it is, especially when Jacs N Spices isn’t even a proper restaurant setup but do keep in mind that it is located in a higher end area where many expats live. So, the higher price point is foreseeable.

Mutton Masala Fried Rice, RM 14.50

** This dish took 30 minutes to arrive. They do notify you before hand.

To me, this was somewhat of a letdown. When one orders mutton fried rice, you’d expect there to be decent amount of mutton, right? One would also understand that since mutton is pricier than chicken, the fried rice will cost more. It is based on this basic understanding, one orders Mutton Fried Rice. Here, you’d get a lot of rice on a plate, tasty flavorful fried rice but the mutton was embarassingly little. Besides one decent size meat, the rest were tiny. When asked why so little mutton, we were told that the price of mutton has increased. I thought it was ridiculous. When people order mutton fried rice, there need to be a decent amount of mutton, especially when they are paying for it. Why not put decent amount of mutton and increase the price? It is generally understood that mutton fried rice is pricier than the other options. Serving us a plate with lots of rice and very little mutton while charging us RM 14.50 for it is not a decent thing to do, it’s a rip off. A shame really as the rice tasted good. More mutton would have made it awesome.

Would I head back here? Maybe. I’ll certainly be giving the mutton fried rice a miss. As for the mix rice, sure why not. It tasted good. Pricier than average for a mix rice but given the area, I suppose it’s understandable.

Address: First floor, Hock Choon Supermarket, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 8.30 am – 7 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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