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Basket Break Bakehouse at Seventeen Mall, seksyen 17, PJ – Sourdough delights

I stumbled upon this hidden bakery on my way walking into Seventeen Mall. Right there at the entrance, I saw a small board indicating its existence.

Huh. How did I not know there was a hidden bakery located at the basement carpark of this mall? Most likely because when I am in the mall, I’m in the mall. I do not step out of the mall much which meant that I tend to miss out on happenings that is beyond the vicinity of the mall. Like this bakery, for instance. It is located just outside the entrance/exit of the mall (the one next to Superfine KL), on the Ground floor. You’d see a travelator that leads you to the basement carpark. Go down that travelator and you will see Basket Break Bakehouse soon enough.

Basket Break Bakehouse is a small bakery that serves freshly baked SOURDOUGH goodies which includes donuts, cookies, rolls and brioche.

**The bakery is all about takeaways. Besides the three stools available for you to sit while waiting for your order, there is nothing else, no tables. It is all about grab and go here.

Hojicha Sourdonut, RM 10 + Brown Butter Roll, RM 11 + Sourdough Rolls, RM 10

The Brown Butter Roll I liked. If you are a fan of cinnamon roll, you’d like this too. While there was no use of cinnamon here, not only did it look alike, it tasted almost similar too. The buttery cream on top had a good amount of sweetness and perhaps some vanilla? It certainly worked well with the roll. Besides that, the mid part of the roll included a chocolate filling. So yea, I enjoyed biting into it. Be sure to get a good amount of cream onto each piece you bite into because the bread eaten with the cream and chocolate together is the good, pleasant combination. Otherwise, it would simple be a basic bread roll.

Hojicha Sourdonut

Based on the reviews I’ve read online, the sourdonuts are the main attraction here. On the day of my visit, the available option was Hojicha Sourdonut. I suppose visiting them 2 hours before closing time meant that most of the other options were sold out by then. The donut itself was great. The sourdough dough was firm yet soft and chewy. The outer part was lightly coated with sugar. That by itself made it a yummy dessert. Add in the thick, creamy hojicha filling, ooo man, it sure was something different. Green tea lovers would like it. Its unique and distinct taste was evident.

Sourdough Rolls

The Sourdough Rolls comes in twos, for RM 10. To me, this was okay. It was a light, fluffy, airy sourdough roll. I would have preferred getting another donut instead for the same price. It is simply a matter of preference, I suppose.

Address: Basement Level, Seventeen Mall, Seksyen 17, PJ

Opening hours: Wednesdays to Sundays, 9 am – 4.30 pm.

Contact Num.: 03 – 7612 7056

Signing out now, Ciao.


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