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Granny’s Mansion at SS2, PJ – Tasty pork noodles and porridge

We recently visited this eatery in SS2 for lunch. We arrive at lunch hour to a fully crowded restaurant. A quick check online told us that this restaurant was rated rather highly on Google – a average score of 4.7/5 from more than 480 individuals. Food must be good here, ey? It certainly sounded so based on the positive reviews left by other customers online.

The restaurant itself had a modern interior. Clean and chic, comfortable too. It was bustling with people and conversations. If you are worried about how long it would take to place your order – due to the crowd, rest assured that they have a QR code readily available at every table, for you to browse through their menu and order. Food arrived surprisingly fast despite the fullhouse.

What Granny’s Mansion is known for is their pork noodles as well as their porridge. For both these dishes, it comes with a few choices to satisfy your needs. You’d be able to choose between wanting meat or organs, types of noodles, type of soup. In addition to that, they also offer light bites and snacks. It is mostly about pork meat here but they also offer some chicken and fish options.


Super Pork Noodle

As you can probably tell, this dish had a generous portion size, filled to the brim with lots of ingredients. You’d be able to create a bowl of soup you desire – from the type of broth to the type of noodles and meat. We opted to go with the combination of rice wine soup + vermicelli noodles + pork organs (liver, kidney and intestines).

It was delicious. I’ve always found the unique taste of rice wine appealing, especially when it comes to soupy noodles. I am a fan. From the top till the bottom of the bowl, every spoon taken is guaranteed to include noodles and pork, which I appreciated as the filling is plenty and generous.

Meatball Porridge

Once again, another dish with a generous portion size. Thick, gooey porridge that was even tastier thanks to the pleasant mix of chili oil, ginger and spring onions in addition to 6,7 homemade meatballs. It looked unassuming but will certainly fill you up even before you reach the end of the bowl.

Snack Plate

Oooo man, this was yummy. If you are not in the mood for some noodles and porridge or perhaps want some add ons to compliment your main meal, do consider the Snack Plate. It included fu chuk, deep fried pork meat and patty that tasted delicious. A joy to bite into, it was flavored to perfection. I can totally undertand why this dish is a crowd favorite. With its varying size and texture, it made a perfect side dish to the noodle soup and porridge we had.

Ice Coffee & The Trio Sisters

Trio Sisters
Iced Coffee

The Trio Sisters is made up of a refreshing mix of sweet and sour, thanks to the inclusion of asam boi, lemon and lime. On a hot, warm day, this drink would be a perfect thirst quencher. I certainly enjoyed this drink, the mix of flavors it provided me was something I liked. The Iced Coffee was essentially white coffee, one similar in taste to that you’d find in your local kopitiam. If you are a fan of those, as I am, then you’d like this too.

Overall, we had a pleasant experience here. We certainly wouldn’t mind heading back to Granny’s Mansion for another visit.

Address: 88, Jalan SS 2/60, SS 2, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm

FB page:

Contact Num.: 011 – 1680 2818

Signing out now, Ciao.


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