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Botak Nasi Lemak at SS 3, PJ – The second best Nasi Lemak in PJ (Pork free)

Nope, it is not me who made such claims, it is the restaurant itself who did. It is not everyday that I see an eatery stating as such. You’d be able to notice the very statement at the entrance of Botak Nasi Lemak in SS 3, Petaling Jaya.

** image credit: Keith Ng

The first being … ? Oooooo, a little birdie told me that the first is Nasi Lemak made by the owners mum. Yup, that is fair. Moms cooked food is always the best.

Anyways, we decided to try this restaurant after a work related meeting nearby. At first glance, you can tell that the eatery is a neighborhood favorite. At lunch hour, it was filled with folks living and working in the area.

Here, you order at the counter. So, you basically line up, choose and inform them your dish and items, they will put in on a plate, pass it to you and you then head to the counter to pay. After that is done, you can sit, eat and enjoy the food.

During lunch hour, parking was rather difficult. You’d most likely have to drive around the block a few times till you come across an empty spot.


Mee Siam with Fried Chicken, RM 10.50 + Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, RM 11.50

Food was simple yet tasty. The crumbs from the fried chicken was an awesome addition. It certainly added some crunch to the dish. The sambal was not as spicy as I’d like it to be but was flavorful enough that it worked well with the rest of the dish. The fried chicken itself was a good addition. I am sure eating the dishes without it is good enough a meal but if possible, do add on the fried chicken. The crunchy outer layer of the fried chicken came with some added spices that when eaten with the sambal and rice or noodles, it made a yummy combination.

All in all, it was a satisfying lunch at Botak Nasi Lemak. Would I head back here? Yes, I would. I’d be back for another visit.

Address: 13, Jalan SS3/37, Taman University, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 7 am – 2.30 pm.

Contact num.: 019 – 700 7193

Signing out now, Ciao.



  1. the best nasi lemak in pj… according to him, is his mum’s. so he could only claim to be 2nd best.

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