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Spillstone Coffee at Pudu, KL – A new addition with aesthetically pleasing interior

Spillstone Coffee is one of the latest openings for the month of May. This one month old cafe is strategically located within the heart of KL city centre5 to 10 minutes away from Lalaport BBCC and Berjaya Times Square.

The cafe occupies 2 floors. They have a mix, contrasting theme here which by itself made it memorable and most definitely instagrammable. The front of the cafe is black themed. This is where you place your order and pay. Then, if you intend to sit of the Ground floor, you’ll continue your trip through a ‘mini tunnel’ …

… and this mini tunnel leads you to the back of the cafe, a glasshouse. This caught me by surprise because I certainly did not expect to find a glasshouse here. I walked through the tunnel assuming that I was being led to another normal, ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ extention of an eatery only to walk into a bright, white glasshouse with a skyview.

As I visited during a hot, sunny day, sitting in the glasshouse was not ideal. I started feeling the heat and sweat started pouring. So, I opted to sit upstairs instead.

The upstairs continued with the black and white, grey theme and was a large space of which was divided into two sections.


  • Their Mains consist of popular dishes from other countries – Greece, Mexico, Norway, Ukraine and etc.

Strawberry Yogurt, RM 16

I am not a fan of yogurt drink and after tasting this, I still am not a fan. Good thing this drink was not for me. My friend ordered it and he seemed to like it. The top part of the drink was made up of yogurt and the bottom half was made up of cut strawberries. It was small enough pieces that when given a good mix, you’d be able to munch on strawberries with every sip you take.

Ouroborus, RM 29

This dish is from Greece and consist of Chicken Souvlaki, which essentially is their version of chicken on skewers. With this dish, you’d get 3 pieces of soft, tender chicken on sticks that was flavorful thanks to its marination. I generally like my chicken with a herb-y taste and this dish delivered that. The herb infused chicken was awesome. This dish also includes a side of fries and salad with dipping sauce.

K’uk’ulkan, RM 33

This is a Jamaican dish with Jerk Chicken and coconut rice. At first glance, it looked too simple a dish. It was essentially a large piece of chicken thigh, rice, 2 slices of cucumber and a piece of lemon. I paid RM 33 for this and in my opinion, it is a tad too pricey for what it is. Would I pay RM 33 for it again? Most likely not. However, was this dish tasty? Yes, it was. The chicken tasted good. It was coated in spices, black pepper, onion and etc. When made this way, this meat is one that I can eat by itself because it tasted good enough by itself. The soft coconut rice was a good addition. It complemented the meat and its flavors well.

Address: 199, Jalan Pudu, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. 8.30am – 12 am.

Contact Num.: 018 – 271 0214

Signing out now, Ciao.


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