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SunSan Bake at Taman Shanghai, Old Klang Road – A cafe in a house

Nestled in one of the single storey bungalows along Old Klang Road is SunSan Bake, the latest addition to what one would deem to be aesthetically pleasing cafes. If you take a left turn just before Avantas Residence, you’d come across a row of houses. Within that row, you’d see a large white house with a nicely done interior and exterior … and that is SunSan Bake.

Parking was easy. There were spots available outside as well as inside the house. However, as it is in limited capacity, depending on the time you visit, you may have to wait.

We visited SunSan Bake on their last day of their Pre Soft Launch phase (yesterday). Today (9th June) will be their official first day running as a full fledge cafe. Reservations is not a must but seeing how popular SunSan Bake is and about to be, do reserve a table if possible. Otherwise, just wait around for one to empty and you’ll be seated in no time.

The cafe was easy on the eye. It had a white theme with pops of colors here and there. Mainly of yellow and beige thanks to the furniture, which was surprisingly comfortable. The house itself was rather large and divided into a few sections. You can choose to sit by the window, by the pastries and coffee, facing the pleasing exterior and etc. I liked that the space is large and bright. Thanks to the glass surrounding the cafe, natural light comes in from all directly. The plus point here is that you’d feel no heat. It is well insulated, yay!

Customer service was good. Despite the crowd, they attended to us attentively and swiftly.


**Do keep in mind that this is their Pre Soft Launch Menu. From 9th June onwards, the Menu is different. Do view the menu anyways so that you can get a picture of what kind of food they offer.

Malted Cereal 70% Guanduja Chocolate Cookie, RM 10 + Single Origin Chocolate drink, RM 18

As we visited SunSan Bake just after lunch, we opted to go for their desserts instead and decided on their large chocolate cookie. It was crunchy but not too crumbly, plenty of melted chocolate all over the cookie thanks to them heating it up. With bits of oats scattered all over and a level of sweetness that eas appealing, this large cookie made a good dessert that was not too heavy on the stomach.

The Single Origin Iced Chocolate drink was good too. I liked that while the taste of good quality chocolate was evident, it was not overly bitter. πŸ‘ It was pleasant to sip on and it complimented the cookie.

Would I head back here again for another visit? I might. Seeing how it looks aesthetically and the food they offer, this would be a good spot for a get-together with my girlies. As it is also strategically located, I can see myself returning.

Address: 216, Jalan Pisang, Taman Shanghai, Old Klang Road, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 4.30 pm.

Contact Num.: 03 – 7972 1441

Signing out now, Ciao.


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