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Ba Hao Canteen at Taman Goodwood, Kuchai Lama – Good food

10 minutes into Kuchai Lama is this neighborhood called Taman Goodwood. I’ve never heard of it until I came across several food reviews online regarding Ba Hao Canteen. As the reviews were positive and food looked good, I figured that we could have our late lunch here for the day. Some deviation from our usual gastronomical path does seem rather exciting, so why not?

During lunch hour, it is highly probable that Ba Hao will be crowded. This conclusion is derived solely from my observation made during my recent visit. Despite my arrival after the conventional lunch hour, I noted a substantial number of patrons still occupying the premises. So, depending on your time of visit, you may be in the midst of a boisterous, noisy envorinment filled with chatter and overlapping conversations. One does not need to worry about lack of seating though as this restaurant occupies two floors.

Parking: Ba Hao is located within a row of shop, there were plenty of parking spots right infront the restaurant. It might all be occupied during peak hours though, so you’d likely have to go around the block a few times before you come across an empty spot.

Ba Hao is clean. That was the first thing I noticed as soon as I sat down. It was spick and span. They had a white/green theme going on, which provided a rather calm and soothing atmosphere. Service was good. You can either place your order online or order at the counter. Food arrived swiftly.


For lunch on weekdays, Ba Hao offers Value Meals which is available from 11 am – 3 pm. These sets includes a main meal and a drink combo. There are about 19 dishes and 5 drinks to choose from.

Alternatively, one can also order ala carte.

Value Meal 1: Curry Mee + Iced Kopi, RM 18.90 & Value Meal 2: Baked Cheesy Rice with Chicken Chop + Iced Honey Lemon

Iced Coffee and Honey Lemon
Curry Mee
Cheezy Baked Rice with Chicken Chop

For the Curry Mee, we selected Bihun as our preferred type of noodles. It complemented the remaining components exceptionally well. The curry had a delightful balance, with a discernible hint of prawn paste. The dish included three pieces of siew yok, pork balls, tauhu, brinjal, and long beans. Overall, it was an appetizing bowl of noodles.

While the noodles were enjoyable, my personal preference lies with the delectable Cheezy Baked Rice accompanied by Chicken Chop. This dish was a true delight. Initially, I had concerns that the cheese might overpower the overall flavors, as cheese has been known to have such an effect. However, upon tasting the dish, I realized my worries were unwarranted. The dish consisted of soft and chewy rice, paired harmoniously with six pieces of chicken chop fillet. The meat also included a choice of sauce – mushroom, black pepper and tomato. Opting for the tomato sauce proved to be a good choice especially with the layer of cheese coating the whole dish. The combination of cheese and sauce evoked a delightful “pizza” taste, which truly appealed to my palate. Individually, the baked cheese was to bite into, but when enjoyed alongside the rice and chicken, the combination was simply divine.

The drink were good too. It did not feel like a cheaper version just because it was included with the dishes as a set meal. The Iced Coffee, although not overwhelmingly strong, still packed a flavorful punch. I liked that it was thick, not watery/diluted. The Honey Lemon drink was refreshing, not overly sweet. Personally, I tend to prefer drinks with a stronger zest of lemon, so I took the liberty of squeezing the provided lemon piece to enhance the juice content.

All in all, it was a good visit to Ba Hao Canteen. Customer service, ambiance and food were good. I wouldn’t mind heading back here again for another visit when I am in the area next.

Address: 33, Jalan Kubis, Taman Goodwood, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekday, 10 am – 10 pm. Weekends, 8 pm – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 016 – 9717 963

Signing out now, Ciao.


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