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Queen B at Jalan Kamunting, KL – North Indian fusion food (Pork free)

We found ourselves in the vicinity following a trip to the grocery store in Quill City Mall and thought that since Jalan Kamunting is conveniently located just across the road, it would be a good idea to take a short stroll and explore what it has to offer. This area always seems to have something new popping up, whether it’s a newly established cafΓ© or a recently opened restaurant. Hence, it seemed like a good idea to check it out and have our late lunch here if something caught our eye.

We walked until we came across this restaurant with a pink exterior named Queen B. While the restaurant was new to us, it was not new to the area. It has been around since 2022 but we’ve only just noticed it.

At that point in time, there were only two of us customers and so, we had the whole place to ourselves. I found the atmosphere quite pleasant, with the charming floral arrangements adorning the ceiling. It contributed to the restaurant’s cozy ambiance. Our visit took place around 5 PM, and the only drawback of arriving at that time was the bustling activity of the wait staff preparing for the upcoming dinner buffet. Consequently, for the majority of our dine in, we observed them constantly moving back and forth, both inside and outside the restaurant, passing by our table. Furthermore, their conversations while were both lively and exuberant, it was also loud. For instance, one waiter was transporting items from the rear of the establishment while the other arranged items in the outdoor area. Imagine how loud they’d be conversing when both individuals are at opposite ends of the restaurant. Regrettably, this continued without interruption throughout our entire visit, contributing to the noisy environment. Aside from this aspect, our experience was quite enjoyable.


Okra Fries, RM 18

This was my first time seeing such fries offered in a restaurant locally. I am generally not a fan of this particular vegetable except when its fried. Why? Well, when its cut into small pieces and fried, its gooey interior becomes dry. Yes, the sticky wet mess inside the okra is why I usually stay away from it. Here, unfortunately, while the okra was fried, it was not cut into small enough pieces for it to dry out its gooey insides but good thing the batter had plenty of flavor. Flavors similar to when one orders fried paneer. It’s usually coated in a mixture that includes chili, turmeric and etc. Yup, it was a similar mix here. So, despite the gooeyness of the okra, the flavorful batter helped toned it down. So, okayla, I guess I do not mind this version of fries. It makes a good starter and comes in a rather large portion, good enough for 2.

Chicken Tikka Roll, RM 20

For those of you who wants a dish that isn’t too heavy or filling, you can consider this roll. It resembles an Indian version of a chicken wrap. The filling is made out of tender diced chicken tikka and mixed vegetables such as carrot, cucumber and onions, wrapped in chapati roti. An accompanying dip with a delightful similarity to mayonnaise, perfectly complemented the dish. I liked the roll, it was a simple yet tasty dish. It however did not have the same ‘WOW’ effect as the next dish.

Sizzling Butter Chicken, RM 25 with Jeera Steam Rice, RM 5

We ordered this dish thanks to the positive remarks left by customers in their restaurant review of Queen B on Google. There were numerous mentions of the yumminess of the Sizzling Butter Chicken, which influenced us to give it a try. Upon sampling it, I must concur with the reviews; it was truly delightful. Served on a heated platter, the dish maintained its sizzling allure upon arrival at our table. The butter chicken gravy had thickened into a pleasantly rich and sweet sauce by the time we ate it. Also included in the dish were tender, succulent diced chicken pieces. The portion size was ample enough to satisfy two individuals. One has the option to enjoy this dish on its own or with rice / roti. We opted for the Jeera Steam Rice, an excellent choice indeed. Long-grained and tender, it wonderfully complemented the butter chicken. I have no regrets about ordering this dish.

Address: 21, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 11 pm.

Contact Num.: 012 – 9430 017

Signing out now, Ciao.


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