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Nasi Kahwin Hari-Hari at Bukit Bintang – Nasi Kenduri Utara (Halal)

I recently came across a video online showcasing a restaurant that caught my attention, particularly due to its enticing food offerings. As a fan of Nasi Kandar and similar dishes, I found Nasi Kahwin Hari-Hari to be quite appealing. This establishment specializes in serving ‘Nasi Kenduri’ from the northern region. Although I am not well-acquainted with this specific genre of Malay cuisine, it is my understanding that it bears resemblance to the delectable fare typically enjoyed at Malay weddings.

Nasi Kahwin Hari-Hari offers you 2 different settings to dine in. You can either eat in a proper restaurant setting like I did or a roadside stall in the back alley. I suppose if you want a different experience and one that is ‘instagramable’, the back alley stall would fit the bill.

Both outlets are within walking distance from one another. When I used Waze as a guide, it led me to the outlet in the back alley. However, as it was lunch hour, all tables were occupied. Imagine a back alley with a narrow road. As you are driving past that road, there will be tables on your left and right. The road is narrow to a point that if you attempt to open you car door, you will highly likely bang into those tables. It was a unique experience having to drive past diners seated so close to you.

Anyways, just a short distance away, by the corner, is the outlet with the proper restaurant setting. If you are unable to locate it, simply waze to Hotel Izumi. The restaurant is opposite it.

Ayam Madu
Ayam Rose
Daging Hitam
Gulai Ikan Temenung
Kambing Pasamah
Telur Rebus & Telur Dadar

Plate 1 + Plate 2 = RM 23

I enjoyed the food, it was simple yet delicious. Plate 1 consisted of yellow rice, Ayam Rose, a boiled egg and cucumber. Plate 2 consisted of yellow rice, Ayam Madu, telur dadar and cucumber. Between the two types of chicken, I liked the Ayam Madu. The gravy was pleasantly sweet and the meat was tender. Ayam Rose was no less tasty. It resembled a less spicier version of Ayam Masak Merah. Eating the meat with the rice and gravy was da’ bomb.

The Sirap drink is free of charge during lunch time.

Overall, I did enjoy the food. Would I be back? Once in a blue moon perhaps. As I am located almost 30 minutes away, it would not be reasonable for me to spend 30 minutes driving here during my lunch break at work.

Address: No. 8, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang.

Opening hours: Daily, 10.30 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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