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Mak Cik Wong Chili Pan Mee at Ampang – Better than expected (halal ingredients used)

I’ve been craving for pan mee of late and figured that it would be a good time to give Mak Cik Wong a try. How I came to know about this eatery is through Tik Tok. I saw several positive reviews on it and given I was in the mood to try a new spot, it made sense to head here.

I have not been to this side of Ampang in years and from the looks of it, it looked pretty much the same. Mak Cik Wong is located within the row of shops in Taman Dato Ahmad Razali. It is on the first floor, above Sushi King and shares a space with Gumi Cafe.

It was rather calm and relaxing here. It felt like a temporary hideaway, a good spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. They had some reggae-ish music playing in the background which further helped in setting the relaxing atmosphere.

If I am not mistaken, Gumi Cafe takes care of drinks and desserts whereas Mak Cik Wong handles the Pan Mee. As we were here for lunch, we ordered the noodles and a cup of hot chocolate – which was very nice, by the way.


Mala Pan Mee, RM 16.90 + Signature Chili Pan Mee, RM 16.90

Mala Pan Mee
Signature Chili Pan Mee

The noodles were surprisingly good, it exceeded my expectations. While both were delicious, I gravitated towards the Mala Pan Mee. The noodles used here were the thin version, it resembled ramen noodles with a springy texture. I liked it, especially after the dish was given a good mix. The minced chicken with thick, flavorful gravy was a good addition. Not too spicy and tasty. The peanuts, fuchuk and anchovies added some crunch to the dish overall. I enjoyed this dish, no regrets.

The Signature Chili Pan Mee is ‘pedas tapi sedap’. If you can handle the heat, then go right ahead and give the good mix but if you cant take much ‘pedas’, I’d suggest mixing the chili in little by little. I did not do so and my nose started running soon after 🀣. The dish was nevertheless tasty. Besides the noodles, it also included an egg, minced chicken, fuchuk and anchovies. Yum!

We enjoyed the pan mee at Mak Cik Wong. If they were located nearby, I would not mind dropping by regularly. Sadly, as they are located a good 30 minutes away from me, this will be a once in a blue moon affair.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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