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15Eleven at Happy Mansion, PJ (Pork free)

We stumbled upon this delightful restaurant while exploring Block A of Happy Mansion. Occasionally, there are instances when spontanious discoveries hold more charm than planned destinations. Such was the case on this particular day. As we found ourselves in the vicinity, we decided to drive around the three blocks of Happy Mansion, looking forward to discover a new lunch spot. It’s likely either a recent addition or one we simply missed/overlooked. In this case, perhaps it’s the latter as 15Eleven has been around for five months, almost half a year.

The restaurant is located next to the popular dessert cafe, Hideaway, on the Ground floor of Block A, Happy Mansion.

The level of customer service provided at this establishment was exemplary. The staff members exhibited a consistently professional and attentive demeanor, displaying genuine warmth and hospitality throughout my visit. Their evident enjoyment of their work was reflected in the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the establishment, creating a pleasantly surprising experience that exceeded expectations.


Lunch Special: Green Curry Chicken, RM 20 + Grilled Chicken Chop, RM 19

*** Each lunch set includes a mini lemon muffin and orange juice.

Green Curry Chicken Ricebowl

The Green Curry Chicken was rather unique, not what I expected. Naturally, when one thinks of Green Curry Chicken, we usually automatically assume that it would resemble the Thai version but not here. Here, it was curry rather than milky, somewhat sweet gravy. It was spicy, packed with flavor, to a point it tingles your throat. I liked it. The curry also included 4 pieces of chicken and some potatoes with a rice bowl. The rice bowl includes rice, an egg, cucumber, carrot, cabbage and lettuce. This dish is bound to fill your stomach with some unique local flavors.

This dish was as expected. Tender, chewy, lightly seasoned grilled chicken served on a bed of mash potatoes with a side of carrot, lettuce, mushroom and BBQ sauce. It was a simple, healthy dish. Not as filling as the ricebowl but satisfying nonetheless.

All in all, I had a pleasant lunch at 15Eleven. If I find myself alone for the day and I’m in the area, I might drop by again. Seeing as there are many food choices in the area, a visit here will likely be a once in a blue moon affair.

Address: A-G-8, Block A, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, PJ.

Opening hours: Weekdays, 10 am – 10 pm, Weekends, 9 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num: 03 – 7932 4881

Signing out now, Ciao.


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