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Jamun at GLO Damansara, TTDI – Banana leaf rice and more (pork free)

A new addition has emerged in the F&B lineup at GLO Damansara – Jamun. Positioned on the lower ground floor, precisely on the same level as Jaya Grocer and other dining establishments, it serves us Indian cuisine. One can look forward to dishes like Briyani, Chicken Varuval, Banana Leaf Rice (BLR), roti and more here.

Parking: Most people opt to park their vehicles along the roadside and walk in. I instead parked my car within the building premises, in the multilevel carpark with affordable rates. The rates are: Weekdays, first two hours of parking cost RM 1, subsequent hours are priced at RM 2. Weekends, a flat rate of RM 5 is charged. There are several entrances into the parking, the most convenient would be the one located at the end of GLO. Drive past the entire building, including the various dining establishments, and follow the prominent ‘P’ sign that guides towards the parking area. Parking was easy, ample parking spots. Once parked, you can proceed to the lower ground level (LG) using the available elevator or escalator, and soon enough you’ll see Jamun.

Jamun is a restaurant that has a contemporary ambiance complemented by a warm and inviting atmosphere. While the restaurant can provide a serene and tranquil experience during quieter periods with fewer patrons, my visit during the bustling weekday lunch hour revealed a lively and boisterous environment. The eatery was abuzz with a multitude of working individuals who seemingly gravitated towards Jamun. Consequently, the atmosphere was vibrant, filled with the pleasant sounds of people conversing and enjoying their meals.


Banana Leaf Rice, RM 9.90 + Chicken Varuval, RM 9.90 + Chettinad Chicken, RM 14.90 + Omelette, RM 3.50

A basic Banana Leaf Rice (BLR) set consist of rice, three vegetables, curry, papadum, fried chili and pickle. The three vegetables of the day were brinjal, winter melon and cucumber. All three tasted good but my favorite was the brinjal, a little spicy with good flavor. When I requested for an extra serving, I liked that they were not stingy with the amount. With some restaurants, they tend to be reluctant to put another full scoop, despite the fact that refills are possible with BLR. No such problem here.

Chettinad Chicken and Chicken Varuval were both yummy. Between the two, I liked the varuval. The meat was coated by a dry and thick paste and the flavor was awesome. Each bite was a delight. A good combination of heat and spiciness. The Chettinad Chicken was more of a tasty curry chicken dish. Nice but I generally gravitate towards chicken varuval.

Lachha Paratha, RM 6.50

This roti is described as ‘Mint flavored whole wheat flatbread’. I tasted no mint though. Did they forget to include the mint or are the green bits on the bread mint? Either way, I tasted no mint. The bread was nice though. It tasted like a capathi, except the paratha was thicker, softer and denser. Dunking pieces of the roti into the thick dhal gravy was a delight.

All in all, food was good. I am certainly not one who enjoys a crowded environment and so, I’ll likely revisit after peak hours. I may give their briyani a try next.

Address: LG 06, GLO Damansara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 012 – 231 9115

Signing out now, Ciao.


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