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Ini KARI Lah at SS 2, PJ – Curry Mee & Pan Mee

We deliberately ventured into this particular part of SS 2 to indulge in some chakoi, from one of our preferred stalls that we have frequented for many years. Unfortunately, it so happened that the stall remained closed on the day of our visit, much to our disappointment. As a result, we departed from the location feeling disheartened. While exiting, we had to drive around the row of shops and it was then that we stumbled upon Ini KARI Lah. Although I would not put chakoi and noodles in the same category, both dishes were favorites. In addition to the anticipation of trying a new eatery, it helped alleviate our prior letdown.

Ini KARI Lah is a relatively new establishment, having been in operation for around two months. It began as a rather popular curry mee stall in Ara Damansara before evolving into a fully-fledged restaurant located in SS 2.


One can find dishes like Curry Mee, Pan Mee – both dry and soup, snacks and drinks here.

Curry Mee with Char Siew, RM 15.50 + Dry Chili Pan Mee, RM 13

Both dishes were good but between the two, I liked the Curry Mee more. There is something different about the curry. I suspect it is their curry powder, it is extra ‘kaw’ here resulting in a more potent curry. For noodles, you would get to choose between hor fun, mihun, yellow mee, lou shu fun, homemade egg noodles and lai fun, we opted for mihun. The dish also included tau pok, bean sprouts, long beans, fish cake, fu chok and char siew. After giving it a good mix, the combination of items with the curry was satisfying.

The Pan Mee included thinner noodles with an egg, anchovies, dried mushrooms, fuchuk, chili powder and some crunchy bits for garnish. Once mixed, it tasted as a Dry Pan Mee should. Yum!!

Looks like I found another Curry Mee and Pan Mee restaurant in SS 2. I would revisit Ini KARI Lah. The dishes I’ve tasted were good, I liked it. I also liked the location, it is located on the less busier side of SS 2. Parking was an easier affair which meant that I can eat in peace.

Address: 125, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun, 9.30 am – 8.30 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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