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Eg’s Wok Kitchen at Uptown, Damansara Utama, PJ – Yumm! (Muslim operated)

There is an abundance of options to explore in Uptown. The area boasts numerous shops, charming cafes, and an array of restaurants, each offering a diverse selection of cuisines. As a result, one may find themselves meandering through the area, confident that a delightful dining spot will be discovered. This was precisely the scenario when I had the pleasure of visiting Eg’s Wok.

The restaurant is located on the quieter side of Uptown, within the same row and a few doors away from The Ship. The establishment is relatively new to the area and remains relatively unknown to the public. During my visit, the restaurant appeared rather empty, with only a few patrons present. What drew me to this culinary establishment was its likeable concept, allowing customers the opportunity to personalize and craft their own dishes.


** In my haste, I forgot to snap a photo of their Noodle options. I’ve included the menu for their rice bowl, sides and drinks.

PROMO: To commemorate their opening, Until the end of this month, there will be 50% off your second meal. For example: We ordered two dishes – noodles and kothu paratha. The real total cost would be RM 25.80 (RM 12.90 + RM 12.90) but thanks to the promo, we paid RM 19.35 (RM 12.90 + RM 6.45).

Combo 1: Kuey Teow + Mee Hoon mix with Pasembur sauce, Mix capsicum and Broccoli, Fish cakes and Chili oil : RM 12.90

An advantage of being able to select our own components is the opportunity to create a delightful combination. It is a rare occurrence to find Pasembur as a sauce option for anything other than rojak. Hence, encountering it as an available choice here brought about an unexpected delight. I decided to pair it with my noodles, a decision that proved to be excellent. The Pasembur sauce showcased its typical characteristics – thick, slightly sweet, and complemented by crushed peanuts. The noodles themselves were undeniably scrumptious, exceeding my expectations. Opting for fish cakes as my meat selection, I was pleasantly surprised by the thick slices provided, which harmonized perfectly with the noodles. The addition of capsicum and broccoli as vegetables completed the desired outcome of my custom creation, which not only met my initial vision but surpassed it in taste and enjoyment.

Combo 2: Kottu Paratha with Kampung sauce, Couliflower and Bak choy, Chicken slices, Spring onions, Fried Onions and Chili Oil : RM 6.45 (50% off)

The inclusion of Kothu Paratha as part of their noodle option came as quite a surprise. One of my companions made the choice to combine this dish with their noodles. While I personally tend to lean towards sweeter flavors, my friend preferred spicier and slightly tangy profiles, making this selection their ideal match in terms of taste and flavor. The Kampung sauce provided a fiery kick with hints of tanginess, reminiscent of lemon zest. I appreciate their attempt to cut/slice the paratha into thinner pieces. It certainly made eating it alot easier.Infused with chili oil, bak choy, cauliflower, and chicken, this dish proved to be quite satisfying and filling. While it may not be my personal preference, my friend thoroughly enjoyed this combination. It’s a winning combination to some, I suppose.

I will certainly revisit this place. Having thoroughly enjoyed my own customized noodles, I eagerly anticipate my next visit. The pricing of the food is reasonable, and the flavors are delightful. I have no complaints.

Address: 51b, Jalan 21/56b, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Daily, 11 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 014 – 3936 365 (Whatsapp)

Signing out now, Ciao.


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