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Blossom A GlassMansion at Imbi – A restaurant in an ol’ school mansion (Pork free)

Blossom, which opened just two days ago on 12th October, is currently in its Soft Launch phase. Housed in a Colonial Era building, this establishment seamlessly combines elements of the past with contemporary aesthetics. With its generous dimensions, abundant natural light, and a tasteful blend of white walls and brown brickwork, Blossom’s interior is sure to captivate visitors and entice them to pay a visit. Thanks to the expansive space, spanning several floors, it made sense that they also made part of it an event space. Surprisingly tranquil amidst the vibrant buzz that surrounds it, this area exudes a sense of comfort that is complemented by its nostalgic ambiance.

** The restaurant is located within the same area and a few doors from several other popular eateries – Blackbixon Cafe and BoiBoi.

Parking: Within the vicinity of the mansion, ample parking is available, making it convenient for visitors. This outdoor parking space extends into the next property, providing ease of access to customers. The actual parking rate is RM 10 but if you visit Blossom, there is an RM 5 discount. When you are settling your bill, do also pay for parking. Once done, you’ll receive your bill, with some added scribbling to indicate that you’ve paid. As you are exiting, do show the bill to the parking attendant as proof of payment and you are good to go.


Chicken Burger, RM 28 + Asam Pedas Linguine with Pan Seared Barramundi, RM 33

Chicken Burger

The burger was tasty. I particularly savored their housemade chicken patty, which was thick and juicy, accompanied by delightful flavors. A slice of cheddar cheese adorned the patty, enhancing its tangy and subtly bitter notes. Complemented by freshly sliced onions and a medley of greens, the resulting combination was truly delightful. The burger buns were described as brioche, but I found their appearance and taste to be reminiscent of the usual charcoal buns. Despite this, I enjoyed the dish, which also included a side of fries and salad.

** For some weird reason, they do not have any sauce other than mayonaise here. 😱😱. No chili sauce and no tomato sauce. I must say, this has to be a first for me. A restaurant with no sauces πŸ˜…. Perhaps it was first day jitters and not a permanent thing.

Asam Pedas Linguine

This dish, unfortunately, fell short. The pasta was undercooked and thus resulted in a texture that was harder and chewier than expected. However, I must admit that if it were not for this issue, the dish itself would have been quite delicious. The Asam Pedas flavor was undeniably present, beautifully complementing the pan-seared Barramundi and creating an overall appealing culinary experience.

**As we settled the bill at the counter, the cashier politely inquired about our satisfaction with the meal. Seizing the opportunity, we informed him about the undercooked pasta. The cashier assured us that he would relay our feedback to the management. We remain hopeful that he fulfilled his promise and didn’t overlook the matter.

Despite the pasta blunder, everything else was good. For an eatery that just opened doors and is only a few days old, I think they are off to a good start. Would I head back here? I do like the ambiance. For that alone, I’d revisit if I am in the area and in the process, give the other items in their menu a try.

Address: No 20, Jalan Inai, Off Jalan Imbi, Imbi, KL.

Opening hours: Daily, 8 am – 6 pm.

** They do not accept RESERVATIONS. Only walk-ins.

Signing off now, Ciao.


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