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Tasty Delight Lok Lok Food Truck & Tea Vandi at Seremban – Delicious Lok Lok and Tea

It was a rainy evening when my cousins expressed their desire to spontaneously drive to Seremban to indulge in the famous Lok Lok there. Upon hearing this, I couldn’t help but wonder why we should travel all the way to Seremban when Kuala Lumpur offers a wide array of Lok Lok options. However, I decided to trust their judgment. They like good food and know where to get it. These hardcore foodies rarely misses and I foresee the night ending with my tummy filled to the brim with some yummy Lok Lok.

It took us 50 minutes to arrive at Taman Saga, Seremban from KL. Keep in mind that it was a rainy weekend night, which meant that traffic on the road was minimal and the drive was a breeze. Eventually, we arrived at an area with rows of shops that houses cafes, bakeries and etc. To simplyfy things, do Waze to Alexandria’s Coffee & Dining. This cafe occupies the corner lot where the food truck is parked at, outside.

My first thought upon observing the scene was that it was ‘muhibbah’ and ‘1 Malaysia’. Why? The Tasty Delight Lok Lok Food Truck was Chinese operated. The Tea Vandi, was Indian operated and the burger stall next to it was Muslim operated. Lok Lok, Burger Ramly and tea … the kind of late night eats we Malaysian enjoy, ey?

Left: Lok Lok Food Truck, Middle: Tea Vandi, Right: Burger stall

I was told that the Lok Lok and Tea Vandi is Seremban famous and for the purpose of this review, that was what we tried this time. The Lok Lok food truck is managed by an elderly gentleman and his assistant, who commute from Cheras to Seremban on a daily basis. As tiring as that sounds, business is goood. So, it must all be worth it, ey? The food truck operates from 7 pm to 2 am, and the crowd tends to grow as the night progresses. A wide range of options Lok Lok. In addition to various meat choices, there is also a selection of vegetables available.

As is customary with Lok Lok, customers have the option to have their food either boiled or fried. In the midst of selecting my items and trying to avoid getting wet in the rain, I inadvertently failed to communicate my preference for boiled food instead of fried. Consequently, my order was prepared in a fried manner. However, I must admit that I do not regret it as the final outcome was undoubtedly delightful.

The dish was incredibly delectable. It was my first time ever eating fried broccoli, and I was captivated. Not only were the pieces substantial in size, but they were also impeccably coated and seasoned. Each stick included four pieces, which I devoured eagerly. I followed this up with a generous portion of chicken sausage filled with cheese and another stick of fried mushroom. All the fried items were expertly seasoned. Although unaware of the exact composition of the seasoning, I found it irresistible, unable to resist consuming more. The prawn balls were also delightful. Three sizable, succulent pieces of well-flavored and tender meat. I had no complaints whatsoever. The prices were reasonable, ranging from RM 2 to RM 6 per stick based on the colored sticks chosen.

After indulging in all those yummy, well seasoned food, I needed a drink and off I headed to the Tea Vandi.

When it comes to Tea Vandi, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the distinctive yellow minivan. The man running the show happens to sport an impressive head of dreadlocks, adding a unique and fashionable touch to the scene. Initially, they operated a cafΓ©, but unfortunately, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the establishment was forced to close its doors. Undeterred, the owner shifted their focus and now successfully manages the popular Tea Vandi.

Skimming through their Menu, there were several items that interest me but this time, I decided to try their Masala Tea.

It was not your typical Masala Tea, distinct from the ones served at traditional Indian restaurants. The beverage had a denser consistency, with a creamy texture and a delightful froth on top. I found it quite appealing, and it is evident why it has gained popularity among the local population.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience. The food offerings and beverages were good. I anticipate returning to this establishment when I have a hankering for Lok Lok and tea in the future. It was indeed a delightful way to conclude the day, especially in the company of good companions.

Address: Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasagam, Taman Saga, Seremban. (Outside the cafe, Alexandria’s Coffee & Dining)

Opening hours: 7 pm – 2 am, daily.

Contact Num.: 016 – 6352252 (for the Lok Lok food truck)

Signing out now, Ciao.


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