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Between Strangers at Seksyen 51a, PJ – Delicious sandwiches

Between Strangers is a new venture by the same folks behind the popular Strangers at 47. Located in Seksyen 51a, nestled within an area with plenty of warehouses, the cafe shares a space with another establishment. Occupying a corner space, Between Strangers offer a delightful setting characterized by lofty ceilings, ample illumination, and well-spaced arrangements.

Parking: Easy. Just within the vicinity of the cafe, there are ample parking spaces available. Additionally, there is an open carpark opposite the entrance, along with roadside parking options.


Pesto Chicken Baguette, RM 24 + Stracciatella Chicken Foccacia

Pesto Chicken Baguette
Stracciatella Chicken Foccacia

The sandwiches provided at this establishment were of good quality and possessed a satisfying, substantial nature. Despite the limited options available on the menu, I found myself thoroughly content with the portions provided. The fillings within both sandwiches were generously sized, while the baguette and focaccia breads themselves were pleasantly soft and dense, rendering each delectable bite thoroughly enjoyable.

The Stracciatella Chicken Foccacia included a generous piece of well flavored, tender chicken. The Pesto Chicken Baguette included a good spread of pesto, cherry tomatoes and juicy chicken. Biting into both sandwiches were simply divine. The dishes also came with a side of tortilla chips on the side.

I liked Between Strangers. I foresee a revisit sometime soon. Not only was the food good, I also liked the environment. I’ll be back.

Address: 32, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs – Sun, 9 am – 5 pm. Wednesdays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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